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What is SalesRabbit?

Posted by brady | July 19, 2021

Here’s everything you need to know about SalesRabbit

Ever wondered exactly what SalesRabbit does? Well we’re a outside sales app that guides you from lead to close with resources for every step of the sales process. We’ve got a solution for every problem you’ll encounter knocking door to door in the field. Our steps for a quality sales process includes:

  • Team Management
  • Lead Management
  • Qualification
  • Presentation & Proposal
  • Forms & Contracts
  • Data Transfer

These tools help to keep your teams organized, focused, and at their most productive all the time. If you have a team that needs new ways to produce better results, or a brand new sales team to mold, we’ve got you covered.


About Our Company

At SalesRabbit we believe that there is a smarter way to sell. No matter your industry, through experience we know that there is a more intelligent way to canvas, track leads, and close more deals with our features. We’ve cracked the code on what it takes to succeed in field sales and we want to share how SalesRabbit came to be and how we’re continuing to grow to influence the sales industry. Check out more about what makes our company unique and where it all began with our About Us page.

Attend the SalesRabbit Basics Webinar

The best way to learn more about SalesRabbit is by attending our free webinar. You’re in luck because July 20th at 1-1:30 MST is when we’ll go over everything about SalesRabbit’s lead organization, sales area management, rep performance data, smart leads and why it’s helpful to you. If you want to attend, register now and save your spot. 

Want to try SalesRabbit for free?

Still unsure of how SalesRabbit can help you? Try it for free. Using the free version of our app is a no-risk way to see if it works for you and your team! It’s available on iOS and Android. You won’t get all the features SalesRabbit has, but with SalesRabbit Lite you still have lead management and appointment setting services that will give you a sneak peek into what we do for sales teams.

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What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Our canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.