Finding New Business Has Never Been Easier

Introducing Business Search, a fully-integrated Google Places directory that maps and pins businesses for your reps. It’s the best way for field reps to optimize their day- they can precisely target their efforts and eliminate confusion and complexity. And with over 150 million listings and millions of updates each day, you know you’re getting accurate, current data.

Find and Filter

Business Search is a flexible lead targeting tool. Want to cast a wide net? Simply search for all business listings within your radius. If you’d like to narrow things down, you can use keyword search to find specific businesses and business types.

Business Information

Business Search provides your reps with detailed business information, including phone number, address, website, and Google Rating. Of course, this information is provided via Google Places, the most accurate and scalable information source available.

Total Lead Integration

Business Search populates with actual SalesRabbit leads so you can work them without any complex manual processes. No need to recreate leads, input manual information, or reload previous searches. It’s the perfect lead generation tool for field reps.


Because leads automatically populate when you search, it’s easy to create the best route between all of them. This will lower your travel costs and optimize your time spent in the field. One business search could essentially plan out an entire day for you. An effective, streamlined day.

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