Sell On-The-Go Faster and Easier for Free

SalesRabbit Lite is a taste of what the SaleRabbit platform can do for you. With lead management software and appointment setting tools you will save time and stress using this free canvassing app.

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SalesRabbit Lite

Efficient Sales Tracking and Simplified Workflow for Individuals Without a Team

SalesRabbit Lite is a great way to get a feel for what the mobile version of the SalesRabbit platform has to offer. It may may not have any team management or advanced features, but with its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, it offers some surprising power for free. Think of it as a gift from us! And let's be honest. We think you'll find enough value and trust that when your team grows beyond one, we'll be there to help you take that next step.

Vital Lead Management Software

Track leads visually

Lead management software in a list or map view.

Filter by lead status

Leads organized by importance, availability, and opportunity.

Set Appointments Quickly

Free appointment scheduling software for sales reps.

Get Scheduled Reminders

An appointment reminder built into a field sales app.

Save Time with Efficient Route Planning

Prioritize your stops before you optimize your route.

Multiple Stops

Visualize multiple destinations and take the most efficient route.

How To Get Started For Free

We don’t offer live support to users with a free account. However, we do have an extensive Help Center that all users can access. Simply login with the email and password connected to your free account.

If that email does not show up in your inbox, you may have entered the wrong email address by accident. If you entered the wrong email address, you will need to restart the process and enter the correct email address. You may also want to check your Promotions or SPAM folders. If the email is there, please add SalesRabbit to your email contact list.

No worries. Just reset your password and you’ll be good to go.

You will need to use a different email address. Only one email address may be used anywhere on SalesRabbit. That means a single unique email address may be used on either the free or on a paid account but, not on both simultaneously.

There currently is no time limit. It’s not a free trial, it’s a free account. That means we don’t turn off your access after a certain number of days. Keep your free account as long as you’re using it.

You can from a SalesRabbit paid account, but not from a free account. The free offering is only available on iOS and Android. It’s not currently available via the web app.

Lead management and a route planner are two of the biggest things you will find for free. That includes creating leads on a map, tracking them visually, filtering by status, taking notes, setting appointments, getting scheduled reminders, and planning the quickest optimized route. Additionally your SalesRabbit Lite plan can be used on up to three different devices.

Yes! Working with all sorts of outside sales teams, we’ve found several best practices and are happy to share those with you. Check out our lead management and canvassing tips that you can use with our free CRM. Or, if you are more interested in an efficient sales route, then you may want to check out these tips for our free route planner. Additionally, we have a resource center available with a mountain of field sales advice.

You’ll get loads of other features when you upgrade, including a web app, live U.S. based support, leaderboards, team messaging, territory mapping, a sales rep tracker, homeowner information, custom fields, lead and customer upload/export capabilities, digital contracts, the ability to attach files, and so much more. A minimum of three users is required on a paid plan.