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Hi, we’re the customer success team. Our job is to make your life easier, and we don’t mind saying that we’re good at our job—the best in the industry, in fact. While other businesses prefer the ‘sell it and forget it’ approach to sales enablement, we want to stick around and see the job finished.

Inbound Support

You can open a support ticket via our Rabbot, email us at, or log in and chat directly with our support team. Of course you can also call (801) 418-9009 Opt. 1. The SalesRabbit team is focused on every aspect of your success and has achieved a 98% satisfaction score as a result. P.S. To the remaining 2%, give us a call. We’re still here to help.

Help Center

It would take a library to hold all the helpful information there is out there about outbound sales. So, we built one. If you’re a rep just starting out or an executive trying to build a high-level team, we have resources for you. Our help center has collected articles and videos to address your SalesRabbit questions, and our Insights blog and content articles are geared towards increasing your sales IQ and performance.

Customer Success Managers

Sometimes progress requires a more personal touch. Larger accounts are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM). These are SalesRabbit and outbound sales experts, that are here to help you tackle all the obstacles the field will throw at you. They’ll be with you from the beginning to help you use SalesRabbit throughout your teams process, set intelligent performance goals, and create a plan for the future. Then, they’ll keep following up and make sure you get where you’re wanting to be and stay on the track to success.

Implementation Specialist

During the onboarding of your CSM managed accounts, the CSM and Implementation Specialist(IS) will work together on your team’s implementation. The IS will be the primary point of contact but the CSM will be available to you as needed. The CSM will start the onboarding process and discuss your business objectives with you.

Then the IS will take over the remaining onboarding calls, guiding you through the initial web app configuration. The IS will guide the on boarding process through additional calls with you. The alignment call will summarize the implementation process and CMS and IS reps will realign with you, making sure you have the best experience possible.

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