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With over 85,000+ customers, we're the go-to sales enablement platforms for field sales reps and teams. Since launching in 2013, the SalesRabbit software has aimed to amplify the success of outside sales teams with transformative technology. See what thousands of other teams have said about their experience here.

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SalesRabbit's Most Recent Reviews

The convenience of having a map walking through my area of selling.

Payton Nelson G2

The best thing I like about sales rabbit for my personal use in the door to door Cable industry is the leaderboards tab to both track your stats and your customers.

Verified User in Renewables & Environment G2

Sales Rabbit is such a smooth flowing app allowing techs in the field to seamlessly consume warehouse inventory, capture customer contract signatures and close a completed preset.

James Richard G2

The integration and the operation of the app is smooth

Douglas Vaughn G2

I love the ease of the app. It has helped build the sale team immensly

Verified User in Renewables & Environment G2

I love how easy it is marking houses and planning you’re daily route. Simple and effective

David Miller G2

i like being able to qualify a customer no matter where im at !

Eiesha Jenkins G2

He taught me from beginning to end on a zoom call. He is great at what he does. I’m now a SalesRabbit pro.

ahshdneiodnxnxbz App Store

I work for ADT, and SalesRabbit has been an outstanding partner to support all our technical needs. Special shout-out to Mike and Jordan, who go above and beyond to keep ADT happy and running smoothly.

BJK118 App Store

Love this app!! Sales Rabbit makes door to door sales so convenient and easy! You can effectively track interested homes, or stay away from uninterested homes with ease.

locke read App Store

I’ve been using it for 11 years and am very happy. Glad to see more roofing centered features coming out!

droodayvis App Store

Not only is this app fantastic, but our sales rep and trainer Francisco is amazing. Great job. Great training this morning.

Laikavw App Store

Super easy to use whether you are a beginner or a professional!


This app allows for complete organization of all leads and homes you interact with.

AlecValdez App Store

That everything is self generated. All I need to do is scan and have signatures done.

Jonathan Smith G2

The app works great as you can close out jobs and activate quicker

Larry Mitchell G2

The IOS app is very user friendly and is often updated with useful additions. My favorite feature is the ability to immediately qualify a customer.

John Calhoun G2

Highly recommend!!

bryanb3366 App Store

Amazing got 4 deals last month it!

Fer Munoz 911 App Store


eecoen App Store

We utilize this app. I love it and they’re rapidly evolving. Their team is also amazing people.

matttybatty App Store

Works perfect, no complaints from me.I close out my jobs faster since I’ve been using it.

Keythen Mckinley G2

Is easy to use, fast and we can access all the sales content asap

Verified User in Entertainment G2

I love the sales material already built into it and the expansive ability for my bosses to keep updating the app in real time!

Isaiah Moreno G2

How all the information is displayed neatly on the agreements section. I like that I can track my crew on the map by the pins they put down and just signing with the touch of a finger blows my mind

Samuel McGregor G2

Simple easy you use interface with all the features necessary to knock doors

Verified User in Food & Beverages G2

The sales material are easy to find and easily readable

Javone Blincoe G2

I like the ease of use, user friendly software, and interactive tools.

Verified User in Venture Capital & Private Equity G2

how fluent the app is, and easy to navigate through it

Diego Gomez G2

I would have to say my favorite part is that each house is prescreened and it lets you know their credit score.

Verified User in Consumer Electronics G2

Great tool to have at the door with a customer and easy to use app which helps when pitching a customer and filling out application form

Damian Noriega G2

The fact that you don’t have to do some many step to get what you want.

Verified User in Marketing and Advertising G2

The best thing about the application is how user friendly it is. It also looks very good and very easy to use.

Chavez Sloan G2

Client information, appointment setting and reminders and the ability to update client status rapidly

Verified User in Insurance G2

Canvas page is easy to use and helps me keep track of the doors i’ve Knocked in an organized way.

Verified User in Telecommunications G2

I love the canvas on sales rabbit, it makes it a lot easier to navigate where we are going because of the door to door sales business, the geo-locator is pretty good as well.

Austin Goodman G2

I love that you can see potential leads and enough info to reach out to those customers! I love being able to save leads and track your area!

Brittany Cox G2

I’ve had issues with other apps losing customer info. Never been an issue with these guys, highly recommend.

Frampdog App Store

Second to None for door knockers

Braulio2219 App Store

This app makes the door approach so much easier. All your data in one place, no need to shuffle between apps or paper. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their organization’s organization.

Huntski100 App Store

Excellent company to work with! My account manager Jarin is a fantastic partner and gives our company great support. The tool is very user friendly as well and impacts our business in a very positive way.

LisaBrad1 App Store

My assigned territory was expanded by my manager. Although the new territory boundaries were established clearly in the manager’s master program, that was not reflected in my Sales Rabbit map. Roman, the Sales Rabbit technician, resolved the issue in a matter of minutes. I am completely satisfied with the service Sales Rabbit provided.

Eli the highest App Store

The best to ever do it! Comprehensive and User friendly

tjhubba App Store

Best Door to Door canvassing app hands down

Casey Mosh App Store

Sales rabbit has been a great app for sales, it’s a very simple easy app to use and along side that it works quick and accurately. It’s a very organized app that contains a lot of good information for D2D sales and keeping in contact with old leads.

Ebradbury19 App Store

Fran just gave the best training. He is an awesome trainer. He is very professional and always willing to help whenever needed. Thanks Steve B Zion Energy

Sjb776 App Store

Awesome service! Been using sales rabbit for 5 years great tool to have!

juanduran832 App Store

Only thing I’d fix is being google maps working when you click on a link!

GabeTheBabeTv App Store

Lucas helped me today to set my account up again after I got in there and messed it up. He stayed on the phone with me for over 2 hours testing and re-testing until we got it right. Great support !!!!

scottyp1000 App Store

Use this app all the time and it works perfect

guffster33 App Store

Awesome app. We use it for our solar team.

Cruz914 App Store

Great app for organization for people out knocking doors

JaceBrown778 App Store

Been using sales rabbit for about a year, super simple to use, easy to draw up areas. Great stat tracking to see your reps progress.

jdm624 App Store

These guys are very friendly and there to help.

Adt Lindsay App Store

No complaints!

Niki Slavev App Store

I am a new setter and sales rabbit is easy to learn and use

Billynails App Store

If you knock doors you need this 💰

aanthonyvee App Store

I have used sales rabbit before as a rep and it was super useful , now i use sales rabbit as a business and it is AMAZING. it helps make every thing super manageable and helps with organization to my business. There is so many different resources that sales rabbit provides and i would highly recommend it to anyone that is in sales and wants to expand and scale there business !

hector veloz App Store

Helps seeing customer names and super easy to use

Spercheatpoints:) App Store

The map feature is my favorite aspect of SalesRabbit. I love that the maps are updated and I can write a detailed note on each home.

Hailey Peine G2

I Love knowing who I'm dealing with before hand when knocking on doors. This app was the best creation for canvassing.

Dawn Bertrand G2

I like this product because it helps me to see what I have done and keep my customers straight.

Verified User in Construction G2

I used sales rabbit for longer than a year and it’s the most complete software to save and keep track of everything, definitely recommend it!

Gabriel Tobia App Store

I’ve been using this over 3 years it’s legit!!! Download this and get it!!

Bsksbsksb App Store

I love sales rabbit. It’s been easy to use

nfjaxudhernjb App Store

It has a use for everything you'll need to do while out selling.

Brandon Fluckiger G2

I love the way you can manage your guys so fluidly, so efficienf and so easy to use, this is the way to go if you have a team of knockers! A++++

Verified User in Renewables & Environment G2

I enjoy the overall functionality of the app, tracking leads.

Tyler Bell G2

I’ve been in the door to door industry for several years and Sales Rabbit has always been the common app for our teams to use. It allows managers and reps to assign specific areas and keep track of rep’s progress. All the little details in between allows everyone to see prospects, time reps are working, location of reps, and prospect data

Vincent Hsiao G2

Very useful and easy to use

Shendmckxbs App Store

Sales Rabbit makes it super simple to both mark and read your territory for leads, as well as finding territory to hit

Lukejames724 App Store

This app is easy to use and works great. Highly recommend

Smithers031 App Store

This software has done nothing short of exceptional work for my team and myself. From keeping track of our leads, the deletion of constant bugs that you experience with a lot of other CRM’s, and the desire to make every person’s life easier for who utilizes their software is tremendous. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a software for your sales organization!

T~Woah App Store

Use sales rabbit all the time. Super reliable

greg556788 App Store

Sales rabbit has a new feature where they read the door one out of 10 on how strong of a candidate it is helping you not waste time on renters

1578822 App Store

Wow what a fantastic concept and I’m surprised I don’t know about this. As someone who is well versed in the industry of sales, this product hits different. It’s an all in one - a CRM, ZoomInfo, database collector, and visual tool to actually track what/where/who about the territory. This is a must for field sales. Agents, pitch this to your company because I can guarantee that you will dominate in the market with this tool. We always want better right, so why not invest in a tool to propel your sales through the roof! The SOLAR ROOF ☀️

ok review eh App Store

Amazing tool for the industry, allows for sales process and scalability

the Beltran App Store

the actual tracking of the houses you have been to previously.

Verified User in Construction G2

I enjoyed the ease of using this application. I was able to start work right away with very little training to understand how to run this application.

Keaton Johnston G2

I liked it when it gave the phone numbers for the address.

Verified User in Building Materials G2

I love that you got the customer service info listed under each house I knock on. That makes it so much easier to sound professional when I have that info.

Chris Pringle G2

I love how I can map out my area for more efficient selling

Drew Watterson G2

D2D with and without Sales Rabbit is a night and day difference. You are able to stay organized and work your area much more efficiently when using Sales Rabbit. I personally noticed a huge difference in my effectiveness when I began using the app. I wasn't just burning doors anymore. I was efficiently working my area.

Verified User in Renewables & Environment G2

I like that I can qualify my customers to make sure they are able to aquire the direct tv services and also keep track of my area I work

Alan Sanchez G2

It helps me keep track of where I’ve been.

Jeremy Anderson G2

That it shows you who the home owner in so you already know who to ask for before you ring the door bell.

Verified User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing G2

The ability to see homes and owner information, and jot notes quickly, specific to each individual home or area

Verified User in Automotive G2

It gives you more ideas and details about products and items

Verified User in Restaurants G2

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