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We think we’re the best field and door-to-door sales app in the business. But don’t take our word for it.  Read some reviews from SalesRabbit customers below.

Real-time performance indicators

“As a direct-to-home sales company we need to have accurate reporting on how sales reps are using their time in the field. Because SalesRabbit allows us to see in real time the performance indicators that we care about, we can have productive performance conversations with individual reps or entire teams. The data from SalesRabbit helps us lead our people and learn what high performing reps are doing so others can replicate.”

Ben Edstrom
Elite Home Security

SalesRabbit is definitely king

“SalesRabbit is definitely king at keeping hundreds of door knocks in order. Highly customizable markers for various needs is a great bonus.”

Jake Knight
Summit Solar
Sales Manager

No bulky binder

“I love the ability to have all my selling resources literally at my fingertips without carrying around a big bulky binder. It’s amazing for tracking everything from leads, customers, and sales production. This app does it all!”

Jared D

Makes canvassing for d2d reps so organized and productive

“SalesRabbit is a fantastic software. I used it as a sales rep selling dish network when it was a brand new software and later utilized it when I started my own Solar company. Makes canvassing for d2d reps so organized and productive. A rep wastes way less time using SalesRabbit than with any other canvassing software. I have also tried the competition and went back to SalesRabbit every time. You might find other software that costs a little less, but that is because they are worthless. Check this app out for sure. Killer service for all their clients whether big or small.”

Shine Solar
App Store

One time the CEO answered my request on the weekend

“Great app. But the support team is amazing. I haven’t had any problems and when I did it was always my fault and they helped me really fast. One time the CEO answered my request on the weekend when he wasn’t even working and helped me change my billing info. Good company.”

Mike Sam
Google Play Store


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SalesRabbit is the best sales tool I’ve ever used

Great tool to have at the door with a customer and easy to use app which helps when pitching a customer and filling out application forms. There really hasn’t been anything I don’t like about SalesRabbit. It's been a great tool for me and my fellow reps when at the door. SalesRabbit is the best sales tool I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it for new reps.

Damian N

All my sales materials right there at my fingertip

I've used this app for Door to Door sales and its been working wonders. Having all my sales materials right there at my fingertip and being able to map out my areas is amazing. Thank you for a wonderful app.

Joseph Wille

Made my sales life better

Sales Rabbit has made my life as a door to door salesman much better. It is so much easier to track leads and turn them into accounts. I've spoke with tech support and they are eager to make any improvements in real time. Amazing!!

Phil Teichert
Google Play Store

Best for D2D

This is my first time using a sales app and it works perfect! I've been using it everyday for the last 3 months. It is really useful for door knocking. I have zero complaints! The customer service is very quick to help you figure out any issues!

App Store

Boom baby, an app I love!

Having been in the alarm industry close to 4 years I have greatly appreciated this app. Before we used it in our company we struggled to keep decent notes of area and houses we sold/knocked. I would recommend his app to everyone in the D2D industry. My favorite part was being able to drop a pin on a specific house, add a coded tab/note and then click the icon to route me there via mobile maps. I love SalesRabbit!

App Store


Since using SalesRabbit, I have noticed an increase of sales and profitability in myself and my team. I'm able to remember to call people back to make that second impression and remember what we discussed when we met. Definitely recommend.

Kristen L.
App Store

Great app

I have used SalesRabbit for around 3 years now. It's a great way to track leads. When a customer calls in you can look on SalesRabbit to see which salesperson deserves the lead based on who has been soliciting in their area. The app works well!

Chris Darity
App Store


Great for street tracking, and the tools and videos are great

The format and setup once you get into the app is great. It's very easy to navigate through the app while showing customers information. Also, I love the way it keeps track of all sales and installs.

Juan H.

Great Product

It’s my second year using this software and it has been simply great. It has helped me make a lot of money and keeps me very organized. Would recommend highly to any sales company.

Dalton N.
App Store

Indispensable for serious canvassing

This app is easy to use with lots of great features to make canvassing and customer acquisition much easier. The flexibility of the product and the level of support are unparalleled. There are constant improvements being made and new features added. They listen to the folks that are using their product.

Ron Bayes
Google Play Store

Highly recommended

SalesRabbit is a super clean software. It makes selling 1,000 times more efficient. If you’re in the door to door industry I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to them and getting things started.

Skyler Evans
Google Reviews


Must have product

This app has made the d2d world a million times more efficient than before!! Must have for any company or sales rep!! I won't knock without it!!

Jimmy M.
Google Play Store

SalesRabbit keeps you truly organized

As a salesman, it's so important that you know your leads and where you have knocked etc. SalesRabbit is the ULTIMATE solution for this. I used it on an ipad mini and was amazed at its functionality. I got many sales because of it, and was able to truly feel organized. It will greatly become your silent friend and partner out in the field. You will feel lost if you ever go back to normal knocking.

Brian B.

Simple and intuitive

I’ve been in the door to door industry for several years and SalesRabbit has always been the common app for our teams to use. It allows managers and reps to assign specific areas and keep track of rep’s progress. All the little details in between allows everyone to see prospects, time reps are working, location of reps, and prospect data.

Vincent H.

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What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Our canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.