Storm Data That Takes You Where the Deals Are

Weather maps are key for restoration companies who want to quickly and effectively work areas with roof or home damage. Unfortunately, too many companies waste time and money with subpar weather solutions that they have to manually integrate with their software.

We’ve made things easier and built storm map overlays directly into the app, so you can quickly find, track, and sell your ideal leads.

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Fast, Insightful Map Overlays

We provide everything you need to find and close deals in areas where roofs have experienced damage from wind or hail. Our map overlays are generated in-app, so you can quickly pull up storm data and go to high-opportunity areas without worrying about integrations.

  • 3 map types: hail size, hail probability, and wind gusts
  • Map data goes back two years
  • Unlimited map overlays
  • Responsive weather notifications

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Detailed Storm History Within Any U.S. Radius

For restoration companies, weather maps are key to determining which areas to canvass and target for ideal leads. Weather gives you vital information, but we’ve made this feature even more detailed with the new Storm Finder tool.

Storm Finder gives you the ability to see storm history within a specified radius on the in-app map overlay. You can specify what results you receive by setting filters on the Hail Size, Wind Gust, and Hail probability. You will also receive the date of the storm as well as the details of the storm to find and close those deals.

Industry-Best Weather Reports

We provide lead-specific forensic reports at the click of a button. Just submit a request and get a report within minutes.

These reports are powered by the top names in insurance data, which means that you’re getting the same data as insurance analyzers. You can operate in full confidence that the reports are claims ready.

Generate and Track Leads in One Platform

Stop wasting time and resources on multiple solutions. We bring it all together so that you can view storm maps, draw and assign areas, track leads, and close deals-all in the same app.

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