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The fastest, most intelligent way to find customers.

Too many field sales companies waste time and resources with prospects that aren’t going to buy. DataGrid AI identifies your ideal customer, shows them on the map, and provides their information so you can contact them quickly and effectively.

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DataGrid AI uses machine learning and thousands of data points to identify your industry’s ideal customer. It then analyzes homeowner information and assigns a Buyer Score to homes, neighborhoods, counties, cities, and states.

That means you can instantly identify homes and areas where your ideal customers live and focus your canvassing efforts where they’re going to be most productive. It’s the perfect field sales intelligence solution.

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Prioritize on the Fly

DataGrid quickly scores and labels homes and areas, so you can instantly identify high-potential opportunities to canvass.

Instantly Convert to Leads

Field users can instantly convert DataGrid pins into leads and track them through your sales funnel.

You Control Visibility

If you don’t want the buyer score to be visible to your entire team, you can set access permissions to meet your needs.

The most

homeowner info

We provide homeowner information for every home so your reps can build the perfect game plan before they knock on the door.

Tailored Conversations

The more you know about your prospect, the more you can help them. Give smarter pitches tailored to the prospect before you have even met. You’ll have greater success during the sale and build stronger customer advocates.

Household Information

We provide information for multiple members of the household, so you’ll have better insight into the home dynamic. This helps you better determine the breadwinners and decision makers and approach the sale strategically.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

When it comes to homeowner information, accuracy is the name of the game. DataGrid AI is the most accurate because it aggregates and checks against multiple data sources. There’s also an additional level of geocoding to ensure the accuracy of each home location.

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