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Whether you’re in a setter/closer model, doing referral work, navigating the most efficient route, or even cloverleaf canvassing, our lead management system is perfect for the deskless sales team managing multiple areas on the go.

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One Platform to Completely Manage Your Team

Simply drop a pin at a prospect's residence or place of business and assign a pre-built or custom lead status to it. Review your lead statuses in a map or list view.
As you move leads through your sales funnel, you can easily update their status, track their progress, and be notified of any upcoming appointments.

Whether it's transferring lead ownership between reps, canvassers, closers, managers, or techs, you have complete control over the process.
This feature enables you to efficiently manage your sales team and ensure that all leads are effectively distributed.

In areas where there are apartment complexes or other densely populated housing, your leads will be grouped together based on their location.
This enables you to easily manage the list of leads and view or edit each lead individually.

Enhance collaboration and improve communication among your sales team, setters/closers, and technicians with file attachments. Easily include pictures, videos, PDFs, and run and attach credit and title checks to your leads, providing more information and context across the team.

Save time and travel smarter with an intelligent route planner. Simply upload and prioritize your leads and appointments, and let the system generate the most efficient route for you. This feature optimizes your schedule and reduces travel time, enabling you to focus more on what really matters—closing more deals.

We have been using SalesRabbit for a year. The software is unmatched and very helpful with organizing leads and follow ups.

FortressR on The App Store

I’ve used other apps for door to door but SalesRabbit has provided me with everything I’ve needed to keep track of leads and save time on the doors!

beegeeees on The App Store

The best thing about the SalesRabbit is the lead management and the team management feature that effectively helps track the leads along the funnel and helps team members stay organised and productive.

Mithun C. on G2

I can honestly say that the Team at SalesRabbit is amazing! Their onboarding process was thorough and full of information needed to set up our Team. SalesRabbit has helped our team manage leads, sign contracts, and seeing what our team is producing.

Admin A. on G2

My favorite part was being able to drop a pin on a specific house, add a coded tab/notes and then click the icon to route me there via mobile maps. I love SalesRabbit!

MIG.TOB on The App Store

SalesRabbit App Features

Easily Manage

Determine which geographic location is right for your sales team and reps. Quickly map, assign, and work those areas for greater efficiency and visibility.

Map and Go

Easily rate and assign areas to your sales team, monitor progress, review historical data, map out customers and more.

Reliable Data

Don’t buy sketchy lead lists or hack the MLS as tools for lead generation. Find quality leads with our neighborhood buyer scores, new mover data, weather reports, and business search instead.

Chase the Storms

Sales restoration companies like roofers need to know where damaged homes are. With in-app overlays, historical data, and 3 filters you can quickly see where hail, wind gust, and possible storms hit so you can be where the deals are.

Deskless Workers

Whether you’re in a setter/closer model, doing referral work, navigating the most efficient route, or even cloverleaf canvassing, our lead management system is perfect for the deskless sales team managing multiple areas on the go.

Organize & Optimize

Our lead management software makes it easy to track your leads because it organizes them the same way that you work them-- geographically.

Make an Impression

First impressions are crucial, and your sales proposal is no exception. We help you make it the best impression possible by providing extensive digital sales tools that legitimize your pitch.

Organize Your Docs

Make all your slicks and slides digital so you can display them from your device or send them on to your leads and customers.

Your Tools, In One Place

Bring all your tools together in one platform. Sync with the top CRMs on the market, including Salesforce and HubSpot, or integrate with industry-specific solutions like JobNimbus or Acculynx. Handpick from dozens of integrations in our one-stop streamlined marketplace.

Customized For Your Needs

Can’t find what you need? Build it. Our APIs let you develop custom solutions for your team and the way you work.

Leverage Key Data Points

Data is the best way to make sure your team is hitting the mark. Leaderboard puts you in the driver's seat so you can measure, compare, and improve your reps’ performance in the field.

Keep Reps Engaged

Use gamification technology to create a fun and competitive environment for your sales team. With leaderboards, sales competitions, and incentives you can boost your teams productivity and promote a great team culture.