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The 5 Best Sales Podcasts for Selling

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Practical and immersive ― those two qualities can take a sales podcast from good to great. And great podcasts are the ones you want to listen to as a sales rep. Below, you’ll find 5 of the best podcasts on selling, and they’re all free!

So, whether you’re a podcast junkie or a complete newbie, filling some of your spare time (walking, exercising, commuting, or cleaning) with helpful podcasts is rewarding in this industry.

“Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen.” ―Gary Hopkins

Top Sales Podcasts

  1. Conversations with Women in Sales
  2. Sales Gravy
  3. B2B Growth
  4. The Wolf’s Den
  5. Hey Salespeople

#1 Conversations with Women in Sales

conversations with women in sales

“Conversations with Women in Sales” focuses on sharing the perspective of women in sales, covering everything from B2B sales to sales leadership. Stay up-to-date on the shifting world of sales through this interview-based podcast, and catch new episodes two to three times per month.

#2 Sales Gravy

sales gravy

“Sales Gravy” is a great podcast for timely advice, keeping you in the loop on sales strategies that work today ― not half a century ago. Episodes range in format and length: everything from six-minute interviews to hour-long discussions on topics like selling in a tough economy and the way to structure your sales process for efficiency.

#3 B2B Growth

b2b growth

“B2B Growth” is a helpful sales podcast for reps who primarily work in the business-to-business world (even if you don’t they still make some useful points). Gain advice and learn how developments in the industry could impact you, your business, and your sales strategy. Multiple episodes drop every week, and they’re about half an hour long, which is perfect for that morning commute.

#4 The Wolf’s Den

the wolf's den with jordan belfort

“The Wolf’s Den” is an aptly named sales podcast hosted by the self-proclaimed REAL Wolf of Wall Street. On his show, Jordan Belfort interviews popular and successful salespeople all the time. His reactions and insights into varying sales strategies and theories can provide reps with a better understanding of how differing opinions can provide success. New episodes come out once or twice a month, and their length is uncut, ranging from about half an hour to over two hours.

#5 Hey Salespeople

hey salespeople

“Hey Salespeople” is an interview-style podcast focused on providing reps with strategic ways to grow their careers. Questions and answers are geared toward giving salespeople practical tips and actionable advice they can immediately start using. If you want to sell more without all the fluff, then you’ll appreciate the short episodes delivered about once per week.

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