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SalesRabbit is officially mobile

We’re pleased to announce the release of a SalesRabbit mobile app April 15! Here is a quick view of the design and style of our app. At SalesRabbit we want to make your sales process easier and what can be easier than using our software on your phone or ipad? This release is aimed at making teams and reps like you more successful in the world of sales. Learn more about our new mobile app release and how you can get in on the fun.

Initial features the iPhone and iPad app will have:

  • Ability to automatically convert a sales lead to a new customer lead and insert all of the leads data into Agemni from the mobile app
  • Sketch board, automatic bill calculator and any sales materials you might want including videos.
  • Live company reports for the individual rep on their sold accounts
  • Other reports from our dashboard system will also be available in the app such as the rep standing and overview reports, this is great for real time incentives and competition
  •  We are making it possible to sell satellite directly from a mobile device with no paper or binders necessary

Download it Now

If you want to have these amazing features and so much more, download our free app now. It’s available on Apple App Store and Google Play. There’s no better time to make your sales process more mobile and efficient. If you want to try out our app before you buy it, sign up for SalesRabbit Lite and give it a trial run, you won’t be disappointed.

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