Now it's easy
to find and sell to
new homeowners

Every year, 40 million Americans move houses. When they do, they spend thousands of dollars on new goods and services to make that house feel like home. We've created a way for companies to know when these moves are happening so they can be the first to offer their products or services.

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Moving leads, updated within minutes

Getting started with new mover marketing is simple. Just identify the ZIP codes you want to receive leads in, and we'll start sending them. Information in these areas is updated constantly and the data is available within five minutes of it being created, making us the fastest source for new mover leads on the market.

As long as there's activity in that area, you will be hearing about it. Your teams can then spend their day talking with likely buyers instead of wasting time and resources on uninterested, low-converting prospects.

Build your own new movers lists

With Movers, you can opt in to receive info on different lead types, based on the ideal situation for the product or service you sell. You can receive an alert anytime a home is:



meaning it's appeared on the market



from the market



or under contract



having officially transferred ownership from the seller to the buyer

You can also set other parameters. For example, you can delay sending the lead until the new homeowner has had a month in their new house to get settled. Or you can just have the leads sent out once a week on a specific day.

As you work new mover leads into your sales process, you'll learn more about the most effective way to sell to them. The platform is flexible enough to adapt to your findings and can be customized to match the needs of your company and industry.

SalesRabbit Homeowner Leads SalesRabbit Homeowner Leads SalesRabbit Homeowner Leads

Map and track new homeowner leads

When combined with our core SalesRabbit product, Movers can result in a simple, data-driven workflow for your team.

When a rep receives new leads, they will automatically be mapped out in SalesRabbit. At this point they can be edited, filtered, dispositioned, and more.

SalesRabbit Leads Map

The rep can then create an efficient route between the leads or simply prioritize them into their day. Whatever best fits your company's workflow.

No more sketchy and clunky backdoor deals with realtors— these leads are completely legally compliant and ready to visit. They'll be delivered fast and show up when and how you want them.