Quickly Qualify Customers: 13 Questions to Ask

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Everybody hates wasting time with unqualified customers, but everybody also hates how long the approval process can take. With our in-app solutions, your teams can qualify and verify customers on the go. Plus, it happens quick enough that it won’t interrupt your sales process. Ask these 13 questions in your next customer conversation and you’ll be amazed at how much information you’ll learn.

What is Customer Qualification?

Nobody likes getting through the bulk of their pitch and finding out that the customer can’t even buy what you’re selling. With customer qualification you’ll cut back on time wasted on unqualified buyers, gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, and how you can be a better sales rep. This should be the first step in your sales qualification process.

Methods to Qualify Customers

Most sales reps believe prospects when they say they are qualified purchasers. Sometimes this works out— the prospect is the property owner and is qualified to buy your service. But you’re wasting thousands of dollars on all the situations where this goes wrong. Unqualified prospects are making it deep into your sales process, sucking up valuable resources for a deal that is impossible to close. It’s not hard to see why this cripples sales teams and destroys rep morale.

  • Discovery Calls: Discovery calls are phone calls with prospective customers where you ask questions like the ones below to understand their business, pain points, and need for your product. 
  • Intelligent Technology: 

Credit Checks

Checking credit is a big part of the qualification process. Unfortunately, it’s usually an inconvenient part of that process. Our app makes it much easier to incorporate a quick, painless check into your sales process.

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Title Checks

We source extremely reliable data to provide you with accurate and complete homeowner information and verification. You can access this information from the SalesRabbit app and use it to check title records, verify that your potential client is the actual homeowner, and qualify them on the spot.

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13 Questions to Ask Prospects:

  1. Tell me about your company.
  2. Tell me about your role in the company. What do you do day-to-day?
  3. What metrics are you responsible for?
  4. Are you the decision maker for this?
  5. Are you having problems in [area as it relates to the product]?
  6. What are you currently doing to solve this problem?
  7. Even with your current solution, what problems are you facing?
  8. Are there other people involved in the buying process?
  9. Tell me about your goals (financial, customer-related, operational).
  10. When do you need to achieve these goals?
  11. How much is your current solution costing you?
  12. Do you have a budget in mind?
  13. Can I follow up with you on [provide date options]?

With questions like these you’ll be able to identify a lot of the things that’ll come up in the buying process anyway that could potentially disqualify a customer. If you don’t ask at least this many questions in discovery calls and use any sort of digital tool, it’s unlikely that you’ll properly qualify the customer.

What Questions are you Asking Prospects?

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