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Sales teams are doing it wrong.

Most of them fall into one of two camps:

They believe prospects when they say they are qualified purchasers.

Yep, they’re just taking their word for it. And sometimes this works out-- the prospect is the property owner and is qualified to buy your service.

But you’re wasting thousands of dollars on all the situations where this goes wrong. Unqualified prospects are making it deep into your sales process, sucking up valuable resources for a deal that is impossible to close. It’s not hard to see why this cripples sales teams and destroys rep morale.

They use outdated processes to qualify prospects.

In most cases, the sales rep has to call in to the office while an admin runs the check. This can take up 10 to 15 minutes per prospect. If a rep makes this call 5 times in a day, both they and the admin are spending over an hour a day to verify prospects that may or may not close. Every sales manager knows how much a good rep can accomplish in an hour of selling.

There’s a better way.

We’ve built title checks and homeowner verification directly into our app, so reps can qualify customers within seconds. No more wasting resources on unqualified customers. No more spending hours each day to do something that takes no time at all.

Our Title Checks feature is easy to set up, easy to use. This thing pays for itself before you’ve even made a sale.

Streamline your sales process.

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