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Generating Sales Leads with SalesRabbit

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In field sales, finding and connecting with the right leads is a constant battle. You’re probably familiar with teams that have invested a lot of time and resources into finding potential customers only to be disappointed by the results.

Outside sales teams, in particular, depend on solid lead lists for success. In an effort to quickly generate leads in sales, companies can easily overspend on mismatched leads.

Thankfully, there’s a simple way to boost lead gen and connect reps with ready-to-buy prospects.

2 Things You Need to Find the Right Sales Leads

1. Reliable Data

Don’t buy sketchy lead lists or hack the MLS for lead generation. Using a reputable outside sales platform, you can find quality leads with neighborhood buyer scores, new mover data, weather reports, and business search instead.

2. Specific Solutions

As an example, sales restoration companies like roofers need to know where damaged homes are. SalesRabbit makes it easy. With in-app overlays, historical data, and three filters, you can quickly see where hail, wind gusts, and possible storms will hit so you can be where the deals are.

How SalesRabbit Quickly Generates and Targets Leads

As the leading outside sales platform, SalesRabbit has many native features and integrations to make generating sales leads a breeze for businesses like yours. Lead-generation tools include:

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DataGrid AI Machine Learning

Too many door-to-door sales teams are wasting time with the wrong leads. DataGrid AI identifies prospects most likely to buy and labels a Buyer Score on each home so you know which areas to target first. At a homeowner level, DGAI provides you with crucial homeowner information including homeowner income, marital status, soft credit score, and more.

Google Business Search Leads

For those teams that are selling B2B, DataGrid Business Search is the perfect tool for finding sales leads among local businesses. Simply search for the type of businesses you need to easily find the leads you’re looking for, get their contact info, and reach the entire list as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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New Mover Leads

New homeowners are some of the hottest leads in outside sales, and new mover lead lists are often the cheat sheet for a ton of deals. SalesRabbit Mover leads are delivered directly through the app to assigned reps, so it’s easy for teams to quickly incorporate those leads into their daily grind. Unlike other new mover lead gen services, these leads are updated constantly and are extremely reliable.

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Weather Damage Leads

Weather maps are key for restoration companies who want to quickly and effectively work areas with roof or home damage. With SalesRabbit, you get storm map overlays directly in the app, so you can quickly find, track, and sell your ideal leads. Updated constantly to be extremely reliable.

Lob Direct Mail

Mail isn’t dead. In fact, it’s one of the most reliable lead gen tools available to you. SalesRabbit integrates with Lob, making it easy to create direct mail campaigns using the information you gather while canvassing. You can create different campaign types for different lead groups, and send postcards and mail that directly address the needs of each group.

Lead List Uploads

If you’ve already generated your own lead lists or are doing it automatically through lead list services like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List, then you can upload those lists directly into SalesRabbit and start tracking your leads in the field all in one place.

Start Generating Sales Leads

Sales leads generation is a breeze with SalesRabbit. Get started by scheduling a personalized demo that can showcase lead generation, lead management, sales territory management, digital contracts, dynamic proposals, other integrations, analytics, and gamification.

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