DGAI Buyer Scores: Find Qualified Prospects

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A Guide to Understanding DataGrid AI’s Buyer Score

Our new product, DataGrid AI, is designed to be the most intelligent way to find your ideal customer, a large component of this feature is the Buyer Score. This Buyer Score is a data-driven method that we use to guide you to the best customers and areas. Here you will find out exactly what the Buyer Score is, how it’s formulated and how you can use it to sell more intelligently now.

How Does DataGrid AI Determine Buyer Scores?

The purpose of the Buyer Score is to help you identify and locate the prospects who are most likely to buy from you. Using machine learning, we analyze data from thousands of customers within your industry.

The AI combs through all of these records and looks at hundreds of specific data points for each record, such as:

  • Customer income
  • Home value
  • Age
  • Owner/renter status
  • Property type
  • Home equity
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Net worth

The system analyzes all of these records in order to identify patterns in buyer behavior. It may discover, for example, that if somebody has a home value over $500,000, they are three times more likely to buy from you. That information will now play a vital role in a prospect’s Buyer Score that we show here.

Grading Individual Homes and Areas

First, we collect homeowner information for all the houses in the location. Then, we compare each one to the ideal buyer profile we’ve developed and give one of these labels:

  • 1-3 Less likely to buy
  • 4-6 Possible to buy
  • 6-10 Most likely to buy

After recognizing dozens of these patterns, the AI can accurately identify the type of prospect that is most likely to buy from you. It can then analyze individual homeowner information and tell you how closely that person matches your ideal prospect. The AI will also continue to learn and optimize as you work, so the longer you use it, the better it will be at finding customers.

Where’s Your Ideal Buyer?

Every industry is different and even changes over time. But this dynamic model makes it easy for you and your reps to quickly identify and target your unique ideal buyers so that you don’t have to waste time and resources with people who are unlikely to buy from you.

With this AI guide you can go straight to customers that are most likely to buy from you and stop wasting your time with under qualified customers. To learn more about this great product, schedule a free demo with us today.

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