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6 Sales Tips that Helped Grant Cardone Build a Fortune

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Grant Cardone’s hard-hitting, obsessive approach to sales has helped him build a fortune and become one of the most famous salespeople in the world. He’s written ground-breaking sales books like If You’re Not First, You’re Last and The 10x Rule. Whether you’re in outside sales, inside sales, field sales, or D2D sales, he’s got something to teach you, including these six tips.

Sales Tips and Tricks

  1. Be positively proud
  2. Always present a proposal in writing
  3. Double-dollar demonstration
  4. Always treat prospects like buyers
  5. Correct yourself
  6. Commit to your goals

#1 Be Positively Proud

“Nothing happens without salespeople. What people don’t like are ‘bad’ salespeople. Untrained and unprofessional salespeople waste customers’ time and don’t provide them with an opportunity to do something positive. Dress like you’re proud, act like you’re proud, and be the most positive person your customer will ever meet.” —Grant Cardone

Finding job satisfaction starts with adopting a healthy pride and optimism for your work.

The energy and optimism you bring to sales impacts potential buyers. This is true regardless of any negative stereotypes that may already exist around sales.

Like Grant says, you can do your part to increase the reputation of salespeople in the world by maintaining an attitude of respect for yourself, your profession, and those you talk to.

#2 Always Present a Proposal in Writing

“People do not believe what they hear; they believe what they see. Always have a contract available and a writing pad. Anything offered or points of value that are included should be written down to show buyers what they get when they make a decision with you.”  —Grant Cardone

As a salesperson, you need to appear professional, which is why it’s suggested to put proposals in writing. People are often visual learners, and being able to see your proposal written or drawn out is a reassuring thing.

However, the writing pad is outdated. Use Grant’s advice but bring technology into the mix.

There are much more efficient and engaging ways to communicate visually with your customers. If you want to keep it simple, use digital sales tools, such as a tablet sketch pad or a PDF.

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#3 Double-Dollar Demonstration

“If the product or service you sell is $20,000, make sure you double that value through your demonstration of the product. No one spends $20,000 on something that’s worth $20,000. They only spend that much when they believe they’re getting something of value in excess of what they’re spending.”  —Grant Cardone

A professional, engaging presentation increases the value of your offering by demonstrating the reliability of what you’re selling. When you’re building your presentations, be as clear as possible on value and help your customer visualize the impact your product will have on their life — not just their wallet. For example:

  • If you’re selling solar, help visualize the $0 electric bill and what that will save over time
  • If you’re in pest control, help visualize a safe home and great-looking lawn
  • If you’re in security, help visualize the safety of their family and the peace of mind that brings

These things can have much greater value than what you’re asking for, which is exactly why Grant advises you to add the double-dollar demonstration to your selling techniques.

#4 Always Treat Prospects Like Buyers

“Regardless of the circumstances: no money, no budget, not the decision maker — always treat the buyer like he is a buyer. I always survey the prospect for signs that demonstrate they have bought in the past. The watch, the shirt, the suit, the necklace, the car they drove, the house they live in, the credit card they use, and others. All are evidence that this prospect has actually demonstrated the ability and history of closing. I always tell myself, ‘Every buyer is a buyer. Treat them as a buyer and they will turn into a buyer.'”  —Grant Cardone

You may not be able to choose your circumstances but you can always choose your attitude toward your prospects. Never disqualify someone as a buyer before putting in effort with them.

Remember, if you’re selling in a consumer economy, everyone’s money has to go somewhere. The question is, why should it go toward you and what you’re selling?

Everyone you meet is a potential buyer, and they should receive 100% of your effort.

#5 Correct Yourself

“Never take the position that things just happen to you; rather, they happen because of something you did or did not do.”  —Grant Cardone

When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to assume that that’s just the nature of the job. Sales reps face a lot of rejection, and that sometimes makes it difficult to imagine things getting better.

If you can focus on the things that are in your control and make improvements where you can, you will start to experience less and less rejection over time.

We firmly believe that everything — area management, canvassing approach, appointment setting, closing process — all of it should be optimized. By taking increased responsibility for those things, you give yourself more and more opportunities to improve and succeed.

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#6 Commit to Your Goals

“Never reduce a target. Instead, increase actions. When you start rethinking your targets, making up excuses, and letting yourself off the hook, you are giving up on your dreams!”  —Grant Cardone

Almost everybody has a goal in life, but unfortunately, most of those goals go unrealized because we don’t write them down, articulate them, commit to them, or act on them. Everyone in sales should focus on specific goals, establish timelines for them, and look for ways to reach them.

Using something like sales leaderboards, you and your teams can monitor live progress every day and hold each other accountable to specific objectives that you’ve set. This can help everyone stick to goals and not be tempted to fudge numbers to fit subpar results.

Start Where You Are

Grant’s energy and sales knowledge are exciting. He can help you realize how much more you could be accomplishing. If you’re looking for more advice, visit his YouTube channel or website.

One last thing to remember is to start where you are, mostly because it’s impossible to start anywhere else. Learn what you can from sales advice, compete with yourself, and get going.

And don’t forget to learn about the best sales enablement tools out there.

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