6 Habits of Super Successful Sales Reps

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According to a 2016 survey, less than half of sales reps (46%) meet their quotas. There are a lot of things that can contribute to a rep not hitting their goals, a lot of it has to do with their habits. If you’re struggling to meet quotas or have an underperforming rep, these 6 habits are the first steps towards being successful. See how many of these you already do and which ones you need to add to your routine.

6 Habits Successful Reps Have

  1. Focuses on the customer’s needs as the pitch
  2. Has strong time management
  3. Remembers the 15% rule
  4. Great customer empathy
  5. Offers value unique to each customer
  6. Knows when to walk away

#1 Focuses on the customer’s needs as the pitch

Successful sales reps don’t come across as the typical pushy salesperson. If you constantly talk over your prospect or pitch products that won’t actually solve any of their problems, then you’re not winning that sales. You need to hear the customer out and explain how you have the situation, this is guaranteed to get you more sales and happy customers.

#2 Has strong time management

Time management is a typical habit of any successful professional. The principle is simple: take control of your territory and calendar with a strong sales app like SalesRabbit (shameless plug) to make sure you don’t run out of time to knock doors or make your phone calls. With an add-on like DataGrid AI, you can also prioritize the areas that are more likely to end in sales by qualifying the prospects in the app. All of these tools will make sure you avoid unqualified buyers saving you time and money.

#3 Remembers the 15% rule

Salespeople should never talk for more than 15 percent of a meeting. Talking doesn’t put you in control of a conversation— great questions do. Engaged body language, thoughtful questions and small prompts are all great tools to keep the customer talking. Follow this rule, and prospects will view you as a thoughtful listener and an expert. They’ll enjoy that you allow them to contribute to the conversation.

#4 Great customer empathy

Empathy in sales is an important ability salespeople should strive to have. To feel as someone else does will help your ability to sell a product or service. Having empathy doesn’t necessarily mean being sympathetic. But a salesman simply cannot sell well without the invaluable and irreplaceable ability to get powerful feedback from the client through showing empathy.

#5 Offers value unique to each customer

The generic sales approach is long obsolete. Sales reps can no longer afford to adopt a one-size-fits-all method. Modern customers have a lot more access to information and decisions than ever before so you need to find the value offer before speaking with them and have it front of mind in your pitch. 

#6 Knows when to walk away

Customers hate nothing more than a pushy salesperson that refuses to accept no for an answer. “Don’t take no for an answer!” is a cliche that good reps don’t follow. If you’ve listened to the customers’ concerns, offered value to fix those concerns, and asked the typical exploratory questions and they’re still not interested, it’s time to walk away. It doesn’t hurt to leave a card in case they change their mind, but don’t hover on their doorstep refusing to leave until they sign. This puts you and your company in a bad light and chances are they won’t want to talk to anyone from your company again.

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