10 Fun Ideas For Your Next Sales Contest

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Use sales contests for a fun and competitive company culture

We know that not all competition is bad, in fact having a company culture of friendly competition can be a great way to motivate your employees and coworkers. If you’re struggling with ideas on how to start up some company contests, check out these 10 ideas and use what works best for the members and personalities of your team.

Try These Contests Out

  1. Sales Bracket: We all know and love march madness so bring it to the office. Create a bracket with your sales rep and set metrics that make the most sense to your team like: whoever makes the most cold calls by the end of each week moves up in the bracket, or whoever closes the most deals, etc. 
  2. Raffle Prizes: This is a pretty simple contest. Give your rep a set time period like, whoever closes the most deals by the end of the week gets to pick a random raffle prize out of a bucket. There’s added fun to the raffle prize because there are multiple options but the rep doesn’t know what their reward will be.
  3. Creative Pitching: Have a channel for all sales reps to share their most creative sales pitch anonymously and let the team vote for their favorite. A simple prize like a gift card would be great as a creative pitch reward. Having a contest like this can also inspire other reps to use these new pitches.
  4. Pair Selling: A fun way to level the playing field is to pair up your rookies with veteran reps and have the pairs face-off in daily, weekly, or even monthly competitions. The biggest benefit here is that your seasoned reps can help give personal tips and tricks to your new reps as they both try to win a prize.
  5. Flash Contest: Everyone loves leaving early on Fridays so here’s a contest to close enough deals and leave early. Spontaneously announcing a flash contest that meeting a certain quota in the last few days would mean every leaves early on Friday is a great way to push your team and avoid slacking throughout the week.
  6. Sales Leaderboards: Whether you prefer in-person or electronic sales leaderboards there are options for both. If you prefer a physical reminder, roll a whiteboard into the office and label out the reps stats for the day, week or month. But if you’d rather keep an electronic sales leaderboard, try our leaderboard feature in the SalesRabbit app.
  7. Double Commission Day: Money is a great motivator in sales so labeling a day of the year or quarter as “Double Commission Day” is a great way to get the reps fired up and closing deals left and right on this day specifically. This doesn’t cost more than it’s worth, the deals closed will continue to bring revenue and the higher commission will make the rep feel valued.
  8. Offer Catered Lunch to Salesman of the Week: Set an expectation like the sales rep with the most sales by Friday or the first rep to hit a certain number of sales first wins a catered lunch of their choosing for the team. The appeal here is that everyone is rewarded but the rep that won gets to pick their favorite food.
  9. Sales Poker: This is an interesting contest to try out. Each day someone hits a certain expectation of closed deals, calls or meetings scheduled, they get to pick a card. Person with the best 5 card poker hand at the end of the month wins a prize of your choosing. 
  10. Monday Morning Blitz: To start your week strong, incentivize your reps during a 1 hour contest on Monday morning. Set up something like this:  1 point per dial, 10 points per conversation, 2 points per voicemail, 50 points per SQL. The prize is up to you!

Start Competing Now!

Don’t shy away from starting friendly competition between your reps. Included competitions like these will naturally make reps push themselves, push others, and increase their work ethic to get the prizes you offer. Not all sales teams are the same so if you like some of these ideas but you know what prizes or metrics are more applicable to your team, adjust what you need. 

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