How Datagrid AI Determines Buyer Scores

The purpose of the Buyer Score is to help you identify and locate the prospects who are most likely to buy from you.

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then the ideal buyer profile consists of approximately 280 data points, weighted by importance. In this case, some of the most important signifiers that someone will buy solar is the sun number, the year the house was built, the amount of mortgage liability, the number of bedrooms in the home, the total rooms in the home, and the likelihood that the occupant will move in the next few months.


Sun Number

Analysis of a home’s solar potential using roof assessment, solar radiation levels, and local factors.

year built

Year Built


Mortgage Liability






Mover Score

Target users unlikely to move in the next 3-5 years.

The system collects data for a specific house, and learns that it is owned by the Smith family.

The Smith family has lived at their home for the last ten years. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are both in their young 40s. They have three kids and live in a four bedroom home. They have a joint income of $130,000 per year, and have generated significant equity in their home.Based on what the system has already learned about solar buyers, it will likely give the Smith family a high score, because they align well with ideal buyers within the most significant data points.Another family who has little equity in a one-bedroom home will rank quite a bit lower by comparison.

Once we’ve created scores for all the homes in a specific area, we can average those scores out and assign a new score to the area as a whole. The size of these scored areas can scale from the neighborhood to state levels. This makes it easier for users to make strategic decisions about area assignments, expansion territories, macro analysis, and more.

Every industry is different and even changes over time. But this dynamic model makes it easy for companies to quickly identify and target their unique ideal buyers so that they don’t have to waste time and resources with people who are unlikely to buy from them.