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Working alone can be challenging, and staying on top of all your leads can be overwhelming. With SalesRabbit, you'll have a centralized platform that simplifies lead management, streamlines your sales process, and ensures you never miss a sales opportunity.

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Stay organized, focused, and achieve greater success with SalesRabbit by your side.

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SalesRabbit Lite Features

Show Door History

Track doors knocked in a list or map view.

Track Customers Visually

Mapping software included for all door knockers.

Set Appointments, Filter by Status

Free appointment scheduling software for sales reps. Leads organized by importance, availability, and opportunity.

Improved Route Planning

The best free route planner to get you to your appointment faster.

Create Optimized Travel Routes

Prioritize your stops before you optimize your route.

Pin Multiple Stops

Visualize multiple destinations on your map and take the most efficient route.


All Your Tools in One App

Our integrations make it easy for you to connect SalesRabbit to your your favorite tools and services so you can create a customized workflow that works for you.