13 Words that Sell for D2D Salespeople

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Key words to transform your sales ability

Ever wonder what some of the most important words in sales are? Wonder no longer, HubSpot Sales blog explains 13 words that sell in door to door.  As a salesman or woman, words are your weapons. Words can make or break your attitude to sales, your aptitude to connect with others, and the overall quality of your career.

The Super Seller Words

  1. You
  2. Value
  3. And
  4. Do
  5. Or
  6. Should we?
  7. Consensus
  8. Imagine
  9. See; show; hear; tackle
  10. Their name
  11. Power words
  12. Because
  13. Opportunity

Our Reaction

It starts off with you. You are solving your prospect’s problems, and he wants to hear how you can do that. You’ve probably heard the expression “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM). That’s every person hearing a sales pitch want to know: what’s in it for me? It’s not about your company or your product or about you (although all those things are important), it’s about what you can do for the person listening.

Imagine” is another great word. We all love a good story! When you can tell stories about how you helped solve your other customer’s problems, or about yourself, that’s a powerful tool. “Yeah, your neighbor John down the street switched over to Dish from Directv because he wasn’t able to watch two of his favorite show or get the movie channels that he liked. Now he’s really loving it. Imagine if you could get all of the shows that you love?”

Another reason that imagine is a good word to use when selling door-to-door is because it invokes the senses. When people can see, touch, hear, or taste something, it invokes emotion. You want people to feel the effects of what you’re offering!

Using a person’s name is one of the best things that you can do to sell. It builds trust. For whatever reason, people love hearing their name, and it helps them to feel like they already know you. Even when you’re not selling, learning and quickly remembering people’s names is a skill that will help you in all relationships of your life, from work to family to friends.

Although “because” is a common word, explaining reasoning for things is a great way to convince people to do things. Just like with a person’s name, it’s a psychological thing; people have a psychological need to know “why”. People are 20% more likely to do something you ask when you include a reason.

Finally, power words always work in convincing, persuading, and moving a prospect in your direction. If something is mind-blowing, stunning, or magical, it’s worth buying! You’d want to talk to a person with guts, faith or bravery. Make a list of “power words” that describe your the product that you’re selling, and include them in your pitch. People don’t buy products, they buy experiences. They don’t buy services, they buy solutions.

Your Turn

What words can you use to move them forward along the buying path? It’s important, especially in sales, to examine the words we use to sell to clients. These 13 words are a start to getting you on the right track to choosing your words wisely.

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