What Sales Personalities Do Your Reps Have?

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Learn about the 5 distinct profiles from The Challenger Sale

Working in the sales industry will show you different types of people. There are a lot of personalities that make sales so successful. In The Challenger Sale by Matt Dixon and Brett Adamson the 5 most common sales personalities are explained and analyzed to find out which is the most effective. If you’ve ever wondered which personality type you have or your employees have and the positives and negatives of them, keep reading.

The 5 Personalities:

#1 The Relationship Builder

  • Focuses on customer satisfaction.
  • Builds advocacy with customers.
  • Least effective approach.

While the relationship builder is great at meeting the emotional needs of customers, they typically fail to sell more products or generate as many leads as the other personality types. It’s great to build rapport with customers but that is the majority of what this personality does, making it the least effective.

#2 The Reactive Problem Solver

  • Solves problems after they happen.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Focuses on post-sales follow ups not generating new leads.

Everyone loves a good problem solver. This personality type is the best at keeping details and solving the needs of the customer after they come up. The downfall of the reactive problem solver is they focus too much on post-sales follow ups with customer instead of moving on.

#3 The Hard Worker

  • Doesn’t give up easily.
  • Interested in ideas for improvement.
  • Never stops hustling.

The hard worker is just like it sounds. This personality type does all they can everyday to hustle and be the best rep they can. The hard worker can call more customers in an hour than any of the other reps and they’re constantly looking to improve their abilities.

#4 The Lone Wolf

  • Not a team player.
  • Self assured.
  • Delivers results but is difficult to manage.

Lone wolfs are known for not being team players, that is true for this personality type. The lone wolf gets their job done well and provides positive results, but they don’t work well with others and they constantly oppose their managers.

#5 The Challenger

  • Different view of the world.
  • Challenges the norms with customers and managers.
  • Loves to debate and push back against the norms.
  • The most effective approach.

Finally the challenger. This personality type is the focus of this book for being the most effective sales personality someone can have. The challenger will debate and push their managers and customers because they understand their wants and needs and refuse to let them settle for anything else. This personality type sees the world in a different view, they challenge others but only to provide a positive outcome.

The Challenger Sale is a great book to expand your knowledge and understanding of sales. If you’re looking for more book recommendations, check out our Top 8 Books for Door to Door Sales too.

So which personality type do you have? Comment down below.

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