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Uploading Map Overlays

Posted by brady | December 18, 2020

Create and Upload Map Overlays

The SalesRabbit “Map Overlays” enable you to display mapping information both on the Web App (app.salesrabbit.com) and in your iOS or Android apps. This data can be displayed in whatever way it is stored in your KML or KMZ files (e.g. Specific data points, lines, heat mapping, or colored territory).

Map Overlays Setup

To get to your Map Overlays go on app.salesrabbit.com to the left-side menu and select “Settings.”

On the settings page select “Map Overlays” in the middle section under “Sales.” 

On the Map Overlays page you will see your previous uploaded files listed or you will see the option for “Add KML file.” The Map Overlays feature works with KML or KMZ formatted files. When you select that button it will allow you to choose which KML file to upload. 

After selecting the file, give the upload a “Display Name” (Title) and select which users will have access to this upload (Map Overlay). This can be done by selecting a Department, Region, Office, or team as a whole or selecting users individually under “Visibility.” Then click “Save” after making your selections.  

Once you have saved the file it will be listed on the left hand side of the page. Select the name of the file on the left and then the map on the right will display your data.

If your file has heat mapping or specific data points those will populate according on the map on the right-hand side. If you select another file the map will display whatever you have selected. 

Note *** The max file size for a map overlay file is 10 MB***

Keep Learning

If you’re interested in learning more about our integrations or SalesRabbit products, Schedule a demo to learn more about this feature. If you’re already a SalesRabbit user, login to our Help Center and get unlimited SalesRabbit resources.

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