Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to D2D Sales Apps [Free Download]

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If you’re in a sales organization, you have to invest in tech, we’re here to help you through the rest of the decision making process. We make the leading field sales enablement app, so we have some authority on the topic. We’re also a little biased. That said, we care about members of the field sales community, and have done our best to create this guide to serve them.

This won’t be a feature comparison between SalesRabbit and the other apps out there. Instead, we’ve focused on principles that companies should follow when purchasing a field sales app. These principles are based on our many years of selling and implementing SalesRabbit with thousands of customers. 

How Do I Know Which Sales App is Best for me?

You’re investing in a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, not just an app. Because of this, make sure that you understand their actual service. Here are the things you should be asking about: 

5 Company Standards to CHECK Before Buying:

  1. Cares about your success
  2. Has experience and resources
  3. Earns your business
  4. Challenges you
  5. Knows the industry

#1 They Care About Your Success

Does the provider have a thorough onboarding program? This is the best indicator that a provider cares about your company. You may want to just download the app and get rolling quickly, but if a company allows you to do this, they’re allowing you to set out on a course that won’t get you the results you want. A real, effective onboarding will get a clear picture of your current situation— processes, sales figures, goals, etc. Then it will help you decide which changes will be most profitable to target and help you develop a plan to make that happen. 

#2 They Have Experience and Resources

It’s important for a provider to have experience as a provider. That way they’ll be able to help any client, no matter the size. As clients grow, their needs change and evolve, as you grow and start hiring reps and managers, the need for different app permission levels will become paramount. You might be worried about all the adjustments you’ll have to make as you grow. You should also ask if the provider is growing. Are they consistently updating their service? Where are they investing their resources? If a company has more salesmen than it does developers, that says something about what they’re after— quick, easy profit. Smarter companies recognize that the best way to create and keep customers is to make their lives easier. 

#3 They Earn Your Business

You want to know that the provider is determined to build a healthy relationship with their customers. Ask about their customer satisfaction score – if they can’t tell you what it is, that’s a red flag. What do their reviewers say, particularly within the last year or so? You can look at the reviews posted on the App Store or Google Play. Keep in mind, no company has a flawless product or a perfect relationship with everyone, but if they’re trying to improve those relationships and their product based on the needs of their customers, you can trust in the character of the company. 

#4 They’ll Challenge You

As you make this upgrade, it’s best to be open to making changes in your company. Of course, this also means you should know where you are now and be prepared to discuss your current situation. Every mobile sales app ought to give you a better representation of what’s happening at your company by providing you with data points associated with all your major operations. That should come standard. All of their features should contribute to a much larger purpose and strategic framework, not just entice you into buying the product. 

#5 They Know the Industry

Does the provider have experience in your industry? Does that experience show in their product? Are they active participants in the industry community? Obviously their ability to build an effective app is dependent on their ability to understand your needs and the challenges of the industry. These needs are going to change as your company grows and the industry changes. More legitimate and seasoned software providers will have developed relationships with other companies that make it easy for you to work with both services. 

This was a small portion of our complete buyer’s guide, get the rest of our tips by downloading the guide.

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