Training Video: Recruit the Right People

Sean Huckstep

Door-to-Door Sales Recruiting

Eventually, every growing company needs to solve the recruiting problem. Who is the right person to hire? Getting this wrong is one of the biggest costs that companies will face. If you hire the wrong person, you waste money on onboarding. You lose money when a dud salesperson works leads that could’ve gone to a pro. You waste money firing. You lose money hiring again.

But the right hire can change everything for a company. A strong salesperson can set a strong example and redefine what’s possible for their colleagues. They are their own walking training module. They find new markets, set new standards, and bring fire to the team.

We’re probably not telling you anything new. So let’s talk solutions. We’ve created a video listing the characteristics you want to find in a prospect and the ones you want to avoid. That should help you build a team of qualified, excited reps who are going to represent your company the way you imagined when you started the hiring process.


This video came straight out of our SalesRabbit Learn library. It’s one of dozens of videos covering all the top problems faced by reps and managers alike. If you like what you see, check out the Learn page for more information.

One thought on “Training Video: Recruit the Right People

  1. I loved hearing about the difference between sales rep & consultant! (: Also really loved the advice on what red flags to watch for !! Only committed to taking the best!<3

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