Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Team Success—Virtual and In-Person

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In-person and remote sales teams both need to celebrate their wins. Whether you’re a manager or sales rep, you can bring great ideas to the table to help your team celebrate your success together, and here are a few to help you out—share these top 5 ideas with your team in your next meeting!

What does a successful team look like?

Successful teams encourage team members to share ideas, consider solutions and solve problems together. Good teams benefit individual members by offering added support and opportunities for development.

Why should you celebrate success as a team?

Celebrating success, even a small win, is the ultimate team builder. If a team is performing well and isn’t being recognized for that success, it will be a blow to morale that’s hard to come back from. Finding the best ways to celebrate specific to your team will not only help you come together as team members, but set you up for continued success.

Top 5 ways to celebrate with your team

  1. Team bonding outside the office
  2. Offer a PTO day free of charge
  3. Employee or MVE of the month awards 
  4. Virtual or in office lunch with DoorDash
  5. Send company-wide shoutouts

#1 Team bonding outside the office

Finding fun things to do together outside of work is a classic way to build a team rapport and celebrate any recent wins. Keeping it simple and going out to lunch or going to see a movie are great ways to get your team’s mind off work and focus on having the fun together that they earned. This idea can be specific to what your team likes to do whether it be more outdoors or an arcade night, there are plenty of ways to enjoy each other’s time.

#2 Offer a PTO day free of charge

Whether you have a remote or in-office team, giving the day off is always a fan favorite. Who wouldn’t love a day off where you don’t have to use PTO hours? This can be a very effective way to honor the work your team has put in by giving them some much deserved time off.

#3 Employee or MVE of the month awards

If you don’t already award employees of the month or most valuable employee awards, you should. Every great company uses this as a way to publicly recognize the accomplishments of their employees or coworkers. This award is usually accompanied with a gift card which is also a great way to honor team members with a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. Employee awards are also great for hybrid teams as they can be awarded digitally to remote workers.

#4 Virtual or in office lunch with DoorDash

Food is always a great motivator. One great thing we do at SalesRabbit is using DoorDash to reward employees. This is a fun way to get some free meals to share together as a team in or out of the office. The best part is you can send DoorDash credit to a remote team member so they can enjoy lunch and connect with you in a relaxed environment. 

#5 Send company-wide shoutouts

Similar to employee awards, there is a less formal way to accomplish a similar celebration. With channels like Motivosity or Slack you can highlight a coworker, employee, or manager that has done something great recently. These kinds of shout outs can also be accompanied by a small amount of money for the recipient to spend how they want. If you’re currently running a company, look into setting up a way where employees can thank and reward each other on a regular basis.

What does your team do?

We want to know what your team does to celebrate! Share below any ideas you may have or things you love about your company’s celebrations. Also if you’re looking for more ideas on how to build team culture, we have more blogs you’ll love—check them out now!

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