Tips For Managing Sales Leads

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Managing leads more efficiently in the Android and iOS Apps

Lead management is an essential part of being successful in sales. Without a way to organize and find your leads, your sales process won’t be nearly as effective as it should be. If you struggle with finding your leads, changing ownership, or setting appointments for your leads we’ve got the solutions below, check them out.

How to Find Your Leads in the iOS App

To locate your created leads in the iOS app, check out this video and follow the steps below.


To access the Lead Search, click “Sales Hub” within the lower legend of your screen.

At the top of the screen, click the word “Leads.”

Here, you will see a list view of all Leads that populated based on your filters. (For a review of how filters work, watch the video above.)

At the top of the screen, there is a blank field that allows you to “Search.”

In this example, we are searching by “Lynn.” Please note, “All” is applied to the right.

In this example, we are looking for a person named Lynn rather than a street. To the right of the search field, click the downward arrow to the left of “All.” All the fields we are able to search by are available. In this case, we click on “First Name.”

Now that we have the search narrowed down by first name…

…we are able to click on the name to go into the lead:

Or, going back to the search (red arrow in upper left hand corner of the Lead Detail page), we may click the map icon to the far right of the lead.

Clicking the map icon will take you to the physical location of the lead on the map.

Finally, going back to the “Leads” tab at the top of the screen, once the search is cleared out, you have the option to sort the leads by clicking the descending lines in the upper right hand corner.

Here, you may sort the filtered leads by Name, Distance, or Appointment from Ascending order or Descending order. In this case, it is most effective if your Filters have been narrowed down by date and Lead Status type, as shown in the example below:

Stats and Appointments

On the SalesRabbit Home page, you will see reports of three different stats, each with a daily stat and a 30 day stat. You will also have access to all your upcoming appointments via calendar.


Lead Ownership Change in iOS App

Here is a step-by-step way to change a Lead’s ownership on an individual, one-off basis. To change Leads in bulk visit our Lasso article. Before proceeding, please ensure your Shared Leads Filters are set accordingly to your needs of the map view.

1) From the Sales Hub section, select the Lead you would like to switch to a different Lead Owner.

2) After selecting the Lead, click on the Edit (pencil) icon in the upper right hand corner of the pop up.

3) On the Lead Detail page, go to the Sharing, “Owned By” section. Click the name of the current Lead Owner. A list of Users will appear.

4a) Uncheck the circle to the right of the current Lead Owner. You may click on the circle to populate a check mark to the right of the name of the individual who will be the new owner of this Lead…

4b) …or click “Group” at the top of the screen to find a User based on organizational hierarchy.

4c) To populate names under an organization tier, click the arrows or the name of the organization to break down the tiers until you get to the list of users. Click the circle to the right of the name of the user you wish to assign the Lead.

5a) Now under the “Sharing” section, the new Lead owner will be listed…

5b)…and the Lead will appear highlighted with their assigned User Color.

Lead Ownership Change in Android

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