Target Homeowners Sales: Tips to Leverage New Mover Leads

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Did you know?

From 2021 to February 2022 alone more than 12 million homes sold, and of those houses 31% of are first time homebuyers.”

We all know the housing market has been crazy the past few years, there’s no secret there. But with the rise in homes being sold and slight downturn in ones being purchased, there is still a specific group of leads that sales teams, like you, should be targeting. Keep reading to get more info about this lead type and how our customers use it.


Are you currently targeting new movers?

We’ve made it even easier for sales teams in any industry to find and sell to new homeowners. With SalesRabbit’s new mover leads, you’re given moving leads, updated within minutes, on anytime a house is listed, removed, pending, or sold in any given U.S. zip code. With this feature you avoid all the manual data entry that comes from using Zillow or other real estate tools. 

We promise this isn’t another add for this feature—we actually believe in its capabilities. We believe in these leads so much that we’re actually going to share an experience that an actual SalesRabbit customer had when they were unhappy with this product until they found this awesome trick. 

How to leverage new mover leads data:

An actual SalesRabbit user in the Telecommunications industry was struggling to find the best way to use their new mover data, they almost canceled the service until they found a “hack” to hit two leads at once using the same data they were already getting. 

Here’s how they did it:

When a house was listed as “under contract” or “closed” this company would send a rep to the home right away while the sellers were still living there, to deliver a modified pitch that went something like this: “Hey! I noticed that your house has been listed as [such], I was wondering if you already bought a new home and if it’s in a nearby neighborhood? We would love to get you set up at your new house so you don’t have any service interruptions. What do you think?”

That is typically how a new mover lead can be leveraged but the change they made that closed twice as many deals for them was returning to the same house after the new homeowners had moved in and sell that deal with a pitch like: “Hi there! Welcome to the area, we wanted to stop by because we’ve already had everything we need installed in this home from the previous owner and wanted to see if you’d like to continue the service.”


Start selling to homeowners the right way

This approach gives you two opportunities out of the same new mover lead. Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1 deal? If you aren’t using new mover leads or you already have this data but don’t feel like it’s doing that much for you, schedule a quick call with us so we can make sure you’re doing all you can to secure those deals before your competitors. 

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