Simplify Sales Lead and Territory Data with Web Maps

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Managing a sales team can bring a lot of stress and complexity to your life. We’re proud to announce that we’ve found another way to simplify your tasks by adding lead and territory information to the SalesRabbit web dashboard. Now your admins and reps with dashboard access can view both lead and territory maps all in one place. Now available only on public beta. With additional features such as accurate and up-to-date lead data, and multiple view options, you’re one click away from precision selling.

How to access lead and area information in the web app

Check out how it works here:

From the web version of SalesRabbit, you will want to navigate to the SalesHub tab on the left hand side of the dashboard.

  1. Once selected, you will see a dropdown list of options 
  2. Select Areas Map to draw and map out your team’s areas with better precision 
  3. In the lower right corner, you can select which map view you’d wish to see—street, satellite, or hybrid. Once selected, simply click to zoom into each focus area.
  4. Once zoomed in, click Draw to outline the area.

Leads Map allows you to track current and potential customers right in the web dashboard. This will further allow your reps to be able to approach an area with as much information as possible in advance. To access Lead Maps, please contact our support team or your CSM at 801-418-9009 to gain access. Once added, the leads map will appear above the Areas Map in the web dashboard, as seen below:

This tool also features: 

  • Dynamic zoom: select any area of the web map to zoom into an area with little to no lag 
  • Multiple view options: both satellite and street view options are available.
  • SalesRabbit Accuracy: rest assured, our web maps data is as accurate as our mobile app and syncs regularly to keep you up-to-date. 

Take advantage of this feature now

To access Area Maps in the web app as an existing user, simply log into your dashboard from a desktop or laptop computer. For more assistance, or to add Leads Maps to your account, contact our support team at 801-418-9009. 

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