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Simplify Lead Tracking and Scheduling with improveit 360

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | June 9, 2021

SalesRabbit and improveit 360 integrate to improve your lead management process

improveit 360 is an enterprise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software designed for pros across the home improvement industry. They offer both desktop and mobile applications to provide you and your teams with the most powerful tools for lead and customer management, appointment scheduling, sales and project management, and reporting. Manage and grow your home improvement business with ease with a customizable solution you can trust.

What does this integration do?

  • Create a Lead in i360
  • Update a Lead in i360
  • Create an appointment in i360

 What data is transferred into i360?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Alternate Phone
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • Apt/Suite
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Appointment
  • Notes

improveit 360 Integration Set Up

The following steps are required to set up the i360 integration through the SalesRabbit Marketplace. Note: This integration is only available to customers on SalesRabbit’s Pro or Enterprise membership plans. Additionally administrative access is required in order to access API keys and other credentials/settings in configuring this integration.

Part 1: Form Creation

#1 Create a New Form. Make a section and import the following Lead fields.  Note: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Address are required. Other fields are optional.

#2 Turn on Custom Form Responses.

#3 Click on “Publish” Button and confirm.

Part 2: Create i360 ID Field

#1 Go to SalesRabbit and login. On the left hand side, click “Settings”

#2 Next, click on “Custom Fields”

#3 Create a field called “i360 ID” and make sure the text matches the screenshot.

Part 3: Configure i360 Integration

#1 Navigate to the Marketplace under “Integrations”(Must have admin access).

#2 Select the i360 Integration Card.

#3 Navigate to the “Configuration” tab and click “Enable”

#4 Select the i360 form you created from the dropdown and click next.

#5 Login to your i360 account.

#6 Enter a default Market Segment *Optional (this will show on the prospect record when the lead is sent back to i360).

#7 Enter in the source of where the lead originated. *Optional (this will show on the prospect record when the lead is sent back to i360).

Note: If you wish to disable or reconfigure this integration at any time you can do so by clicking “Disable” or “Reconfigure” respectively.  Additionally, if the integration is currently live you should see an “enabled” indicator on the integration. Your i360 integration should now be live and allow you to push leads into i360 through form submission! If you have any issues or problems please reach out to support or your CSM for help configuring this integration.

Set Up More Integrations

If you’re interested in using any of these powerful integrations, any and all of these integrations can be set up through our Help Center portal, the Integration Marketplace or by reaching out to your account CSM or support team at support@salesrabbit.com 801-418-9009.

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