Set up the Marketsharp Integration in 6 Steps

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Enable the Marketsharp integration in 6 steps

MarketSharp is a marketing and management (CRM) software for re-modelers, contractors, and home improvement professionals.  MarketSharp allows businesses to generate more leads, convert more leads to sales, improve productivity, and increase repeat business and referrals. We have integrated with them to bring you the ability to create leads and appointments within both softwares. Check out how to enable it for your account in 6 easy steps.

What does this integration do?

  • Create a Lead in MarketSharp
  • Create an appointment in MarketSharp

What data is transferred into MarketSharp?

Account Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Alternate Phone
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • Apt/Suite
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Appointment
  • Notes
  • Custom Fields

MarketSharp Set Up

The following steps are required to set up the MarketSharp integration through the SalesRabbit Marketplace. Note: This integration is only available to customers on SalesRabbit’s Pro or Enterprise membership plans. Additionally, administrative access is required in order to access API keys and other credentials/settings in configuring this integration.

This integration is designed to import a lead and appointment into MarketSharp.

Part 1: Form Creation

The form is used to begin the process of sending a lead into MarketSharp. Follow the form creation section to create a form that will pass over the correct information into MarketSharp. You can create forms within the SalesRabbit web app by clicking on Settings > Form Builder.

(To learn more about creating forms, see: Creating Forms | Article Walkthrough)

1. Create a New Form. Make a section called Contact Details and import the following Lead fields. *Note: You can add as many custom fields as you like. Simply input them in as text fields.


Note: Field API name MUST match the example provided. First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email are required, the other fields are optional.

2. Turn on Custom Form Responses

In the upper left-hand corner of the form creation page, click the cog and turn on custom form responses.

4. Click on the “Publish” button and confirm.

Part 2: Obtain MarketSharp API Key

The MarketSharp API key is used to authorize SalesRabbit to send information to MarketSharp. Below is how you obtain the API key to use in a later step.

      1. Go to and log in. In the top right-hand corner, click on the username and navigate to the section called “Admin”.
      2. Once inside the Admin panel, click on “API maintenance” in the Apps & Add-ons Setup section.
      3. Click on Create New API Key to generate your API key and save it.


Part 3: Obtain MarketSharp Company ID

The MarketSharp Company ID Is the unique identifier for a MarketSharp account. This is used to identify where the information will be sent from SalesRabbit into MarketSharp.

  1. In MarketSharp, look at the top right-hand corner at the username. Under the username, there is an ID. Copy the ID for a later step.

Part 4: Obtain Form ID

The Form ID is used to direct a lead into the MarketSharp database from SalesRabbit. The form ID is found within MarketSharp and the steps below will walk you through how to find it.

  1. In MarketSharp, click the username in the top right hand corner and select “Admin” from the dropdown.
  2. In the section “Lead Capture Setup”, select “SalesRabbit” from the list.System_Administration__MarketSharp_Admin_.png
  3. Once in the SalesRabbit section select your form id in the “FormId” column.MarketSharp_M.png

Part 5: Configure MarketSharp Integration

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace under “Integrations”. (Must have admin access)
  2. Select the MarketSharp Integration Card.
  3. Navigate to the “Configuration” tab and click “Enable”.
  4. Select the published form(refer to part 1) from the dropdown list. Next, enter in all of your custom fields. The custom fields MUST be in your form when you enter them in the custom field area and match exactly.
  5. Next, insert the MarketSharp api key(refer to step 2) into the field as specified. Enter in your MarketSharp Company ID(refer to step 3). Then enter in your MarketSharp Form ID(refer to step 4). Optionally, you can select if you want the Salesperson to carry over and populate in MarketSharp(Salesperson is set by your External ID).

Part 6: Configure External ID

  1. If you want to set Canvassers and Salesperson, you need to set up External ID’s. Navigate to the user you’d like and populate the Username used in MarketSharp. This will be used to set the Canvasser and Salesperson.https___app_salesrabbit_com_app_user_911705141.png


Note: If you wish to disable or reconfigure this integration at any time you can do so by clicking “Disable” or “Reconfigure” respectively.  Additionally, if the integration is currently live you should see an “enabled” indicator on the integration.

You’re all set!

Your MarketSharp integration should now be live and allow you to create leads and appointments in MarketSharp through form submission! If you have any issues or problems please reach out to support or your CSM for help configuring this integration.

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