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SalesRabbit Tips – Custom Fields

Posted by Sean | March 13, 2020

Collect better lead data and close more deals with Custom Fields.

One of the primary ways SalesRabbit improves sales processes is by helping users collect accurate lead information. The more a sales team knows about their leads, the more effectively they can move them through the pipeline. Pretty straightforward.

Track Industry-Specific Data

But a lot of industries and companies have unique data points that they need to track in order to be as efficient as possible. Oftentimes a generic lead status (not home, interested, appointment, etc.) doesn’t communicate enough lead information to be helpful. Most teams require more specific consumer data in order to be strategic.

For example, picture Client A, who is interested in your product but has terrible credit. If the only thing you knew about Client A is that he was interested, of course you’re going to dedicate resources to reaching out to him. Unfortunately, you eventually realize that he doesn’t qualify for your product/service and probably won’t for a while. 

But if you ask your reps or canvassers to collect credit score estimates from your clients early in the sales process, you’d know much earlier that Client A is unqualified, despite his interest. You can then spend your resources with clients who are worth the effort. 

You Control the Info

Our custom forms make it possible for every company to collect whatever information they need. We’ve seen a wide range of tracked data points, but common ones include soft credit score, current utilities provider, roof size/pitch, renter/owner status, etc. 

If none of those things are important, don’t worry. You’re in control of the information you collect, and in this video, our product expert Karlie shows you how easy it is to set up:



And here you can see what that looks like in the app once it’s set up:



As you can see, we’ve built enough field types— text, number, currency, dropdown, etc.— that you should have no problem collecting the information you need in the field. This data is also available to import/export so that you can populate all your different software solutions and databases with the same information.

You probably know best what information is important to your teams. But if you’re not sure, we’ve got plenty of experience helping clients build custom forms that improve their sales process and ultimately increase their sales numbers. We’re happy to help you build a better system by collecting smarter data.

Get Started Today

The most important thing is to get started. Custom forms are a great way to encourage better selling habits from reps, because you’re forcing them to be more inquisitive and have better conversations with prospects. A big part of becoming a master salesperson is learning to ask the right questions, and custom forms give you more control over the type of questions your teams are asking and the information they’re gathering. If you’re not getting the data, you know your reps aren’t asking the questions. It’s a great way to monitor and encourage rep selling behavior.

If you’re already using SalesRabbit, head to the web app and start building a couple custom form questions and see how that improves things for your teams. If you’re not a user yet, feel free to reach out and see what this and other features can do to drive higher sales numbers for your teams.

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