SalesRabbit Roles and Permissions Feature

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Improve your Experience with the Roles & Permissions Feature

This article covers the Roles & Permissions feature in SalesRabbit. This feature allows those who have “Settings” access to create specific user Roles and adjust Permissions within those Roles, framing the SalesRabbit experience for each user type.

Reminder: All Role types are considered billable users, including Owners and Admins.


Step 1. Navigate To The Roles & Permissions 

To access the Roles & Permission page, log in to the web app and click on “Settings” within the left hand menu.

Click “Roles & Permissions” within the “Users” column.

Step 2. Editing a Roles Permissions

Note: There is no “save” button when creating/editing a role, the system simply saves your changes as you go.

To edit an existing user Role, simply click on the Role name you want to change.

There are three main points to become familiar with: Permission, Level, and Status.

  1. The “Permission” column refers to the actual feature you are allowing your new Role to have. You may influence this feature at a specific level (ex access at the company level or office level) or turn this feature “On” or “Off” entirely by clicking the toggle.
  2. The “Level” column refers to the tier accessible by the Role in relation to the Permission listed within the row.
  3. The “Status” column refers to whether or not that option is turned “On” or “Off” for the Role type selected.

To see a description of the permission within SalesRabbit, you may hover your cursor over the question mark icon (as shown below).

To adjust the access for a Role toggled “On,” you have the ability to adjust the tier level by clicking the drop down. Company, Department, Region, Office, or Team are the levels of accessibility. 

Step 3. (Optional) Creating a New Role

To add a new user Role type, simply click “+ Add Role”. 

After you are satisfied with the new Role’s Permissions, you may add Users and give them the newly created Role, or edit existing Users’ profiles to reflect the new Role Type by going back to the User’s page. 

Pro Tips

  • Accessibility is often dependent on Filters (ex: if “Manage Areas” is enabled for a Role, they must adjust “Areas” within their Filters to see what Areas have already been created for their Permission level).
  • If you have a User reporting that they can’t see the changes in effect after adjusting their Role and have verified it is not a matter of adjusting Filters, please have them log out and log back in to request the new Permissions from the server.

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