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SalesRabbit Launches Innovative Gamification Software to Transform Door to Door Sales Teams’ Performance

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LEHI, UT OCTOBER 25, 2023 – SalesRabbit, a leader in field sales technology, is proud to introduce its groundbreaking Gamification solution, designed to transform the dynamics of sales team motivation. This innovative product is set to bridge the performance gap within sales teams, empowering every member to excel while relieving burnout pressure on top-performing reps.

Sales organizations often rely on a select few high performers to carry the majority of the workload. SalesRabbit’s Gamification aims to revolutionize how sales teams contribute toward a common goal by allowing all team members to reach their fullest potential. By doing so, it not only boosts the performance of the entire team but also significantly enhances the overall engagement and quality of life for sales reps.

By implementing Gamification, sales teams can see a performance increase of up to 107% in 90% of their sales reps.

“We’ve recognized the common dilemma in sales organizations where a small percentage of top performers shoulder the majority of the responsibilities,” said Cory Shelton, Director of Business Dev & Strategic Partnerships at SalesRabbit. “Our Gamification product aims to change that by empowering the bottom 90% to perform at a level nearer the top 10%. This not only motivates and engages sales reps but also allows them to find accomplishment and direction in their work.”

Sales managers can now influence the behaviors they want to see in their team members by rewarding them through a system that efficiently tracks and acknowledges their performance. Competitions, leaderboards, and rewards are all handled without excessive effort or time, allowing managers to seamlessly automate motivation.

Gamification is a versatile software addition that works out-of-the-box with:

  • Battles and competitions
  • Achievements and badges
  • Dashboards/leaderboards
  • Sales Surround social feeds
  • Customizable rewards store

SalesRabbit’s Gamification technology also seamlessly integrates into existing tech stacks—like the rest of the SalesRabbit platform—requiring minimal setup effort while providing substantial rewards. By utilizing day-to-day data and actions, Gamification taps into the full potential of each team member and offers direction and opportunity that keeps reps motivated and engaged.

“SalesRabbit’s gamification software aligns with our workplace culture, ensuring that every team member has a chance to shine. We’re excited about using the platform to its fullest potential,” said Clayton Bird, CMO at Aveyo. “We can more easily share the load across all sales reps, not just top performers, allowing us to attract the best sales reps who can find success on our team. There’s always something new to achieve and a path for progression for everyone.”

In a competitive market where sales performance is crucial and rep turnover is prevalent, SalesRabbit’s Gamification promises to revolutionize the way organizations motivate and empower their sales teams. By elevating everyone toward becoming a top-performer, this innovative solution is set to drive sales success and create a more fulfilling and engaging work environment for sales reps.

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