Sales Tips: Activating Your Prey-Drive

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Sales Tips from Coach Michael Burt: Activating Your Ability to Sell

Coach Michael Burt began as a basketball coach in Tennessee, but has since transitioned to the world of personal and motivational coaching throughout America. He believes that everyone in life needs a great coach and that’s what he wants to be for you.

He has discovered the key to activating all four pieces of a person to use their full potential. This presentation, “Activating the Whole Person: How to Activate your Prey-Drive”, was given at D2DCon, the biggest door-to-door convention in Utah. Using these simple tips from Coach Burt will be the difference in your selling potential this year.

“Activating the Whole Person: How to Activate your Prey-Drive”

Coach Burt tells us that prey-drive is the instinctive inclination of a carnivore, to find, pursue and capture prey. So start by asking yourself: what am I pursuing? What do I want to become known for?

The 3 Components of Prey-Drive:

  1. Activation- The switch is awakened, the curiosity is activated for more of something.
  2. Persistence- “You have a long obedience in the same direction” and you can show up daily. Your reward is in the pursuit of satisfying your prey-drive. 
  3. Intensity-Force- this is the power, ferocity of attack. 

How to Feed What You Love:

Coach Burt then introduces the idea that “Everything feeds everything” = ”Intentional congruence.” The purpose of your business is to create new money. That means you can’t get distracted from your target. In the sales industry, you can’t lose focus of why you’re selling.

The pursuit of potential sales is the satisfaction of your prey-drive and closing those sales will provide you with the money to grow and develop yourself as a salesperson and build a better business.

What Activates You?

Now that you know what your prey-drive is and how to unlock it, look deeper into what activates yours with any of these 5 categories:

  1. Competition
  2. Loss or fear of loss
  3. Inspired by others
  4. Environment
  5. Exposure

Any or several of these 5 categories can be what activates you to sell. Everyone is different in that way and needs to self-reflect to figure out what their driving force is. Be sure to take time and discover what activates you. Articulate it, write it down. Find a way to remember it when the going gets tough.

“Selling is a game of probability”

As most people know, selling isn’t the most predictable job. Coach Burt tells us that “Selling is a game of probability” because we can’t control what our leads do. But there is a science behind the actions of leads. Coach Burt tells us that:

  • 16% of the people you sell to will be open and interested in an idea you present. 
  • 34% will need to see it 3-7 more times to seal the deal.
  • Another 34% need to see it 7-15 times to be sure. 
  • The last 16% won’t ever be interested 

These statistics are why it’s important to be a consistent and persistent salesperson with an activated prey-drive. By being aware that at least half of your leads will need to be presented with the idea multiple times, you can strategize pitches, and learn to bookmark leads for future contact, while handling any rejection like a professional.

“Complacency is gradually settling to a place of mediocrity.”

Using these components to activate your whole person and prey-drive will give you positive results in your sales and life motivation. It’s time to push yourself to your full potential in the pursuit of satisfying your prey-drive and never settling for mediocrity. If you like what you learned here, check out more from Coach Burt and see how he can coach you or your team

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