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Sales Canvassing (3 of 4)

Posted by brady | November 30, 2017

How to Make Sales Canvassing Work for You – Part Three of Four

Generating new sales leads can be a challenge for any business, and at some point, you and your staff may want to turn to sales canvassing to connect to potential customers. Whether you call it sales canvassing or cold calling, you are faced with the same issues: how do you create sales by contacting people, even people who may not be interested? Luckily, your company has more options than ever to make door to door canvassing an effective marketing strategy. From canvassing software to a user-friendly canvassing app, you have more tools in your toolbox to get your name, products, and services to people who can really use them.

Going Door to Door

Just a few generations ago, sales and customer service were personal experiences. Businesses relied on traveling salespeople to demonstrate their goods in homes or make visits to offices to connect to their clients. A sales representative acted as a contact point, and customers knew that they were valued. Most interactions were in person, and clients knew who could help them when they needed it.

As business models changed, however, the personal aspect of sales fell out of favor, as did customer service in many respects. While it may have worked as a cost-saving measure for companies, that lack of human interaction soured many people on sales in general and cold calls in particular. Telemarketing grew in practice, yet did not always get the best response from the intended audience. People found ways to avoid these contact attempts that became more intrusive and less pleasant. Business owners have come to realize that customers want to be treated as individuals, and they are trying new marketing tactics, including sales canvassing, to make connections in an effective way.

A Better Approach

Phone calls can help you reach out, but they pale in comparison to face-to-face contact. You can make the most of your door to door canvassing by strategizing. Being effective takes more effort than just leaving a flyer at each house or business in a region. Here are a few things to consider when developing a marketing approach based on cold calls:

  • Identify your target audience. Do a little research to determine who can benefit from what you have to offer, and then decide how to reach out to those people or businesses. You should also consider the territory you want to cover and how to divide that territory among your team members.
  • Set attainable goals for your team. Canvassing can be hit-or-miss, and your employees may get discouraged if their sales numbers are unrealistic. Instead, you may want to focus on making a certain number of contacts or canvassing on particular days of the week.
  • Make a process. Your employees can set a professional tone if they know their objectives during door to door canvassing and cold calling. You can help them with key talking points to give them confidence in their initial contacts.
  • Diversify your marketing. A combination of email, phone calling, handwritten notes, and face-to-face meetings work together to help your team connect to clients better than just one approach.
  • Provide training and support. Your team needs leadership and coaching to learn how to interact confidently with potential customers. Hire individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills who can represent your business professionally.
  • Focus on the connection, not the sale. Cold calling can be more effective when you ditch the high-pressure sales, aiming instead for an introduction to your company and information about your products and services.

Make it Easy

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have a great marketing strategy. You can use canvassing software and a canvassing app to take some of the guesswork about effective cold calling. These technologies allow you to stay organized while you manage territories, track contacts and leads, schedule appointments, and enhance motivation. These tools can also give you real-time access to your company dashboard and interactive maps to ensure efficiency without overlap.

It just makes good business sense to streamline your process and increase your success rate by taking advantage of apps and software for your sales canvassing operations. SalesRabbit can help you improve your marketing approach and sales contacts for your small business. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you grow your sales by working smarter, not harder.

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