Route Optimization With Turn-By-Turn Directions

User AvatarBrady Anderson

Now you can plan your sales routes the best way possible

Turn-by-turn directions on iOS is now available through Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. Previously our app did everything to plan your sales route besides the actual navigation to get there. We’ve recognized that need and have updated our app to include a turn-by-turn full navigation to make sure you choose the fastest and most efficient route possible to get through your sales. 

Take a Look

With the new turn-by-turn directions, this is what you’ll see in your sales app. You now have the option to select this in-depth navigation to guide you through your list of leads. With this feature you will be able to choose the fastest route through your leads list, saving you a lot of time on your daily knocking routes.


Once your preferred navigation software is selected, you’ll be be able to select the houses you need to visit, which will create an entire map for you from start to finish formatted like the images below. If you’re not familiar with our app, download it now in the Google Play or Apple app store and start trying it out now.

Get This Feature Now

Download our complete outside sales app to get access to new features like this one. Planning and executing a sales route has never been easier on reps and managers. If you don’t have our app yet, schedule a free demo to talk to one of our talented team members. 

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