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New and Improved Personal Dashboards

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | April 28, 2020

New iOS and Android Mobile Dashboards

We’ve been working hard to create a more engaging experience for you on our mobile app. The latest results of that effort are these new dashboard updates for iOS and Android which clean up the user experience and help you work more efficiently. 

iOS Update

Instead of searching to find the number of leads you’ve created and appointment you have, we’ve made a convenient and intuitive personal dashboard that gives that information to you immediately.

As you can see, with this new dashboard you can see your number of leads created for the day and then your total number of leads for the last 30 days. The entire column on the right gives you stats based on a revolving 30 day period.

The left column provides information relevant to that day. All of these stats make it extremely easy to see several stats: your daily leads, how many leads you have dispositioned, and the number of appointments you have that day as well as the last 30 days.

Android Overhaul

Until now, our Android mobile app didn’t have a landing page. Now, we’ve matched Android to have a robust personal dashboard as well.

You can see here that this dashboard shows all the same stats as the iOS dashboard above. You’re able to quickly access your number of leads created and dispositioned for that day as well as your scheduled appointments.

To show you a broader scope of your productivity, Android also has the revolving 30 day feature for your rep stats. Having these stats available quickly helps you to know your current numbers and aim for past numbers to beat. 

Future Updates

Our updates won’t stop here. We plan to continue improving our mobile app for your convenience and efficiency. In the future we’ll make it easier for you to access your calendar in the app and toggle between appointments to quickly get the details.

This is just one of the updates that’s yet to come to make this mobile app even more friendly to your sales experience. If you’re not already a SalesRabbit user, you’re missing out. Try a free demo now to get in on the best version of our app so far.

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