Learn About Datagrid and How to Use It

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Implement DataGrid to sort out the fluff and target your ideal prospects.

For too long canvassing has been a shot in the dark at door after door, but a new era of marketing intelligence is here. No more wasting time with unqualified prospects, now you can target your ideal customer. Do you prefer owners to renters? Do you perform strongly with new buyers? Our DataGrid displays over 30 different data points to help you target your market sweet spot. Go through the list, build your ideal prospect, and then ignore everyone else by using Datagrid.

What is DataGrid?

DataGrid is a map overlay that gives you dozens of crucial data points on homes in an assigned area. It’s the best tool for generating leads and maximizing canvassing efforts.

What defines your ideal buyer? Income? Homeowner status? Credit score? Whatever your needs, DataGrid allows you to target high propensity buyers by giving you actionable information for every home.

Best Practice Tips

  • Go through the list of data points and be selective on the data points displayed for your reps
    • Make sure they focus on the points that will leverage effectiveness and quickness of a sale.
  • Do not exceed 3 Areas per rep
    • This will save battery for your rep’s device.
    • Create focus and intent on the Areas reps should be working.
    • Allow reps to have backup Areas to work if they blaze through their assignment.
    • This allows DataGrid to sync faster.
  • Do not exceed 3K homes within Areas
    • 3K is the absolute max of homes we will sync to any one given Area
  • If you have multiple reps assigned to one Area, make sure everyone turns on Shared Leads via their device filters

Control the demographic information in the web app DataGrid Settings so your reps see certain information before knocking a new door. Knowing before you knock will give your reps a huge upper hand when it comes to landing a potential prospect.

This feature is only available to companies that have added the DataGrid package to their billing plan. If you would like to add this to your plan, please contact our Support at (801) 418-9009.

Get Set Up Now

If you haven’t had the chance to learn more about DataGrid or view a demo, visit here to get started. No need to keep wasting your time with subpar prospects. DataGrid gives you reliable sales intelligence and homeowner information, so you can go exactly where the deals are.

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