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Use the Lasso tool to edit multiple sales leads

With our Lasso tool you can assign a group of leads to a specific rep, set lead status for multiple leads and delete multiple leads at once. Here we show you how to access the lasso tool on iOS and Android.

iOS Set-Up

To Lasso an Area, click “SalesHub” within the lower legend of your screen. Hover over the leads you wish to Lasso, then click the finger with the curved line in the upper left hand corner.

Draw directly on the map around the Leads you wish to action. A pop up menu will appear at the bottom of your screen with your available options. 

Notice the number of Leads selected are listed under “Lasso Options”

There is a breakdown of each Lead Status type included in your selection. If there are several, the selections of Lead Statuses are available via scroll bar.

Under the scroll bar of Lead Statuses, owners of Leads Lasso’d are listed. In the example below, only one Lead owner is represented.

Lasso Options

  • Area: Creating a new Area
  • Ownership: Changing the Lead owner of the selected Leads to another individual
  • Route: Available if 23 or less Leads are selected (click here to learn to Route)
  • Status: Used for changing selected Leads to a singular Status (ex “DataGrid” to “Mailing Campaign”)
  • Delete: Deleting Leads in bulk (caution: this is permanent and cannot be undone)

In the below example, three Lead Statuses were removed from the selected Leads (“Contract Signed,” “Appointment Set,” and “Go Back”). In this theoretical, the intention is to reassign Leads to another rep that may have more success with getting a hold of or pitching the sale in this Area. This could also be used in situations where a rep exits a company and Leads need to be reassigned before inactivating their profile.

Once the selection is finalized, click “Ownership.”

The individuals available to reassign the Leads will appear in a list. Click the name of the individual who is being reassigned the Leads and click “Update” in the upper right hand corner. Click “Continue” to verify this change of ownership.

There will be a pop up at the top of your screen verifying the transfer of Leads. If the Leads disappear from the map, the Filters need to be adjusted to view the newly assigned Leads.

To adjust the filters, click the funnel icon in the upper left hand corner.

Click the words “Shared Leads” to bring down a drop down menu. Verify the Lead owner is selected in the # Users Selected (click the words to verify the list) and the Quick Date includes the date the Leads were originally created in the SalesRabbit system (the default for the Shared Leads Quick Date lists “Today” – click the word “Today” to change to “All Time”).

Note: The Leads assigned to other people will be highlighted in their user color.

To Lasso an entire Area (ex “DataGrid” to “Mailing Campaign”), either create an Area or go to the Area assigned with DataGrid. Click within the color, avoiding clicking on any Leads.

Click the Lasso icon in the upper right hand corner to Lasso the selected Area containing DataGrid.

Dots will appear around the perimeter of the Area once successfully Lasso’d.

Consider deselecting any Leads aside from DataGrid, as well as any Leads that may be owned by other people.

To deselect Leads from the Lasso’d Area, simply click on the icons you wish to remove and they will appear faded.

Once your selection is finalized, click “Status.”

Click the appropriate Lead Status. A check mark will appear to the right of your selection.

In this instance, we are changing DataGrid from “DataGrid” to “Mailing Campaign.”

Click “Update” in the upper right hand corner.

Once the Leads are successfully changed to the new Lead Status type, a pop up will appear at the top of your screen.

Android Set-Up

Lasso actions include:

  1. Changing Lead Ownership of Leads in bulk
  2. Changing Lead Statuses in bulk
  3. Creating a Route (max: 23 Leads)
  4. Creating an Area
  5. Deleting Leads in bulk


Creating a Lasso

1) Click the icon showing a finger with a curved line in the lower right hand corner.

2) Using your finger or stylus, draw a shape around Leads. A pop up menu will appear at the bottom of the device screen.

Note: make sure your Shared Leads filters are properly set prior to drawing this outline.

This menu will contain:

  1. The total number of Leads Lasso’d.
  2. The break down and number of each Lead Status and the number Lasso’d.
  3. The names of everyone that owns Leads within the selection.
  4. All of the “actions” available within this selection.

You have the option to exempt any of the Lead Statuses and/or any of the Lead Owners by deselecting them within the menu.

2 thoughts on “Lasso Tool—Create and Manage Sales Leads

  1. Hey there. I’m Using android, I have a circled off area thats black. I cant see any of my leads while outside door to door.

    How do I change the color of the circled off area?

    1. Hi Josiah! We’ve got the solution to your question. When you want to change the color of an area you need to click on the black area and assign it to yourself or another team member and then it will change to the users color. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible your unique color ID is black and you need to change it in the users tab. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to email or call our Customer Support team at 801-418-9009 or thank you!

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