Increase Rep Performance with Sales Stats

User AvatarScott Porter

Sales enablement through sales stats

Using stats to drive sales production you’ll reach a whole new gear to your sales rep. Ryan Roche talks on the importance of giving your reps mobile sales stats that they can access, actively watching their progress will give them new desire and motivation. Developing a system to track your reps will improve their work performance, your ability to see their work, and company culture.




  • Provide functionality to your reps.
  • Allow them to constantly manage performance.
  • Knowing their best month/season to recreate it.
  • Create competition.

Having sales tracking features will allow you to see the quality and efficiency of your sales reps. Implementing a system for sales stats doesn’t only show who makes the most sales, but who brings in the highest revenue and what they’re doing that others aren’t.

Get Tracking!

Host sales competitions to create a fun and challenging work environment. Many companies offer prizes for the top sales stats with an updating leaderboard. If you don’t have the capacity to do this right now, try out our sales leaderboard or team messaging to start some friendly competition!

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