Improve Sales Flow with Customized Lead Statuses

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Use custom lead statuses to keep you more organized

How do you label the status of your leads before and after contacting them? If you don’t have a method for doing this effectively you’re missing out on a more organized sales flow. With SalesRabbit you can create and customize any lead status to improve your organization and efficiency. Here’s how to label your leads and what to consider based on the audience you’re selling to.

How to Edit Lead Statuses


What to Consider When Selling B2C vs B2B

Business to Consumer

  • Not Home 1 and Not Home 2: Having (at least) two “Not Homes” allows reps to change Leads from one to the other and mark it as an attempt which may be applicable for Leaderboards. Plus, it’s better organization for the reps so they may truly milk a territory and keep track of how many times they tried to reach someone.
  • Delete “Other”: Deleting “Other” eliminates the temptation to put “Other” generically for everything. The goal is to organize all interactions and eliminate bad habits. So long as you create a well rounded list of Lead Statuses, “Other” will never be needed.
  • Appointment Set: This one may be a given, but don’t forget to add it if you are setting Appointments through the app.
  • Referral: Get in the habit of asking for Referrals when you sign deals. 
  • Do Not Contact: Hopefully your team never needs to use this, but in the instance they come across someone your company would not want to do business with, having a way to mark the negative interaction in the app so the person/people may be avoided in the future is the safest route to take.
  • Contract Signed / Sale: Make it obvious for your reps what a “Sale” looks like.
  • Lost to Competitor: Keep track of why people choose to go with a competitor to improve your presence in your market.

Business to Business

  • Change “Not Home” to “Not Available”: Since you are not canvassing residential areas, make each Lead Status clear to your market needs.
  • Consider any type of Lead source (ie Corporate Lead? Website Lead?): Have a way for your Admins to add in Leads of different sources so you may keep track of the original inquiry when approaching a business that reached out to your company.
  • Cease and Desist: Consider having a Lead Status where the potential client asked you to never go back to avoid conflicts.
  • Gatekeeper: Used in situations where you are unable to get past the front desk.
  • Rescheduled: Have a way to keep track of Appointments that fell through. Please note: If a client is unwilling to place time on your calendar for you and “Go Back” is needed, you may want to consider a different approach to your pitch.
  • New Contact Needed: Used in situations where the business is a good lead, and your current contact for that business does not have buying decision power.

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