How to Set Up New Movers

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Optimize your lead list with New Movers today

Our new mover leads notify you of these opportunities and even map them out for you, so you can naturally integrate them into your sales process and be the first to reach out to these high propensity buyers. As soon as you select the reps or managers you want receiving leads and identify the ZIP Codes they’re working in, those reps will start receiving leads.

This is updated constantly and the data is available within five minutes of it being received, making us the fastest source for new mover leads on the market. See how you can add it to your SalesRabbit account now.

What does this Add-On do?

Mover leads are delivered directly through the app to your assigned reps, and it’s easy for your teams to quickly incorporate those leads into their daily grind. These leads are completely legally compliant and ready to visit. Unlike other new mover lead generation services these leads are fast, updated constantly, and completely legitimate, they’ll show up when and how you want them. If you don’t have Movers account yet, sign up by September 30th for a free 2 month trial.

The Movers Add-On generates leads within SalesRabbit for key demographics including the following:

  • Lead type: Listed on the market, Removed from the market, Pending or under contract, and Closed with transferred ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  • Lead delay – When after close do you want the lead.  (ex. 14 days after close)
  • Frequency – How often do I want to look for new leads?
  • Area – Select Postal Codes
  • Assignment – Assign Postal Codes to specific users
  • Home Price – Pick the minimum and maximum home sale price
  • Property Type – Residential, Residential + Condo/Townhome, Commercial, All Property Types

Each lead will be added to SalesRabbit and assigned to the user associated with the PostalCode. As long as there’s activity in that area, your reps will be hearing about it. They can then spend their day talking with likely buyers instead of wasting time cold-knocking.

New Movers Set Up

To have Movers added to your SalesRabbit account please reach out to your CSM or support for assistance. 

1.) Add MLS Lead Custom Fields (Optional)

There are additional pieces of information that can be captured with Custom Fields in SalesRabbit. If the custom fields are not added they will simply be omitted from the lead created in your account. Note your account must be Pro+ in order to add custom lead fields: 

2.) Navigate to the Marketplace and click “Add-Ons”

Note: You must be an account admin to be able to access the Marketplace.

3.) Click on the “Movers” card, select “Configuration” and click “Enable”

Note: Movers must be enable on your account for the configuration tab to be visible.

Feed Configuration

4.) Configure Event

Event is broken down into three categories and defined as the following:

  • Just Close – The home purchase has closed
  • Under Contract – The home is under contract to close but has not yet closed
  • Just Listed – The home is listed on the market but is not under contract and has not closed

5.) Configure Frequency

Frequency controls how often you want leads added to your account as the following options: 

  • Real-time – Movers uploads leads as soon as they are available
  • Daily  – Movers uploads leads every morning at approximately 5:00AM MST/MDT
  • Weekly – Movers uploads leads every Monday at approximately 5:00AM MST/MDT
  • Monthly – Movers uploads leads on the first day of the month at approximately 5:00AM MST/MDT

6.) Configure Lead Delay

Some users want a delay to allow new home buyers to move into their home and therefore want a delay lead time. It is defined as the following:

  • None – No delay on the leads uploaded 
  • 1 Day – Leads are uploaded 24 hours after the event 
  • 1 Week – Leads are uploaded 7 days after the event 
  • 2 Weeks – Leads are uploaded 14 days after the event 
  • 1 Month – Leads are uploaded 30 days after the event

Property Filters 

Movers has the ability to filter property attributes that are uploaded to your account.

7.) Configure Property Type

Property types are defined as the following:

  • Residential – All residential single family homes excluding townhomes and condos
  • Residential + Condo/Townhome – All residential single family homes including townhomes and condos
  • Commercial – Commercial properties
  • All Property Types – All property types available

8.) Configure Property Maximum & Minimum Values

Users have the ability to filter the minimum and maximum list price of the property. This is optional in the configuration.

Postal Code Assignment

9.) Configure Postal Codes and Assigned Users

Leads added to SalesRabbit MUST be assigned to a user in SalesRabbit. By selecting postal code assignment, leads generated are uploaded and assigned to the assigned user. There is no limit to how many users and postal codes are assigned.

*All leads generated are counted against purchased lead credits 

Default Lead Status 

10.) Configure Default Lead Status

Leads added to SalesRabbit must have a default status. We encourage users to add a “Movers” status to the account but it is not required. All leads uploaded will have this default status.

11.) Click Finish

That’s it, you are now configured to receive Movers leads! If you have any questions or issues please reach out to support or your CSM.

Find the New Movers Now

If you are interested in having Movers added to your account, please reach out to your CSM, our support team at 801-418-9009. If you need more guidance, schedule a free demo with us today so we can help you start finding more leads today. 

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