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How to Set Up Digital Contracts

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | April 9, 2021

Set up Digital Contracts for your sales team

This article will go over how to use a created form as a Digital Contract. For a detailed walkthrough of building a custom form, click here. If you want to learn more about our new Digital Contracts feature and if it’s right for you, check out our blog. Digital Contracts are an add-on, only available for Pro and Enterprise accounts.

If you have not yet added Digital Contracts to your SalesRabbit plan, please contact your Account Manager or SalesRabbit Support at (801) 418-9009.

Set Up Process

Step 1. Navigate to the Form Builder

Go to Settings > Form Builder

Step 2. Name the Form 

Edit the name of the Form (this will also be the name of your Contract) and click the fields to expand Digital Contract pre-set field options.

Note: if these are filled out on the Lead Detail and Form prior to the rep opening the contract, the contract will pre-fill with the information.

Step 3. Choose Your Form Fields 

Drag the desired fields into the appropriate section. Set the fields that must be filled out on the contract to “Required.”

Note: First name and Email must be set to “Required” before uploading a Digital Contract.

Step 4. Required Fields

If a signer beyond the Sales Rep and primary Customer signer is needed (ie, a cosigner, a manager signature, or a regional signature), click the Form Fields drop-down and drag in as many “Email” boxes as needed. Name them appropriately.

Once all the fields that may transfer from the Lead Detail page and form are listed on the Digital Contract (to be uploaded) are in place, click “Publish.”

Step 5. Setup Signing of Your Digital Contract  

Click “+ New” in the upper right-hand corner to begin the process of uploading your Digital Contract.

# Legend (Screenshot Below)

#1: Audit Trail

The audit trail contains a globally unique identifier, or GUID, that shows which email address signed a document and when. These records include a hash of the PDF document which is used to determine whether or not it has been modified or tampered with. We recommend this remains toggled “On.”

#2: Signatures

The signatures are associated with email addresses. All signers will receive a copy of the contract once completed. The Sales Rep email is associated with their SalesRabbit log in.

#3: Signing Order Option

If the contract needs to be signed in a particular order, turn this toggle on.

Note: If there are text fields on the contract that need to be filled out by the rep prior to the customer signing and the contract needs to be signed remotely, require signing order and place the rep in the first signing position.

#4: Remote Signature Option

This allows the contract to be emailed out and signed remotely rather than in person.

WARNING: Once you click continue and send the contract, these fields will not be editable. If you need to change any of these properties, you will need to delete the uploaded contract and start over.

Here is a sample of a setup. You have the option to customize the email your soon-to-be customer will receive with the contract attached (ready to sign) if you enable the remote signing option.

A preview of the digital contract PDF will appear after it is uploaded into the modal. Click “Continue” when you are ready to proceed. 

Step 6. Mapping Form Fields to Your Digital Contract

To drag fields from the Lead Detail page and Form fields into the Digital Contract, click and drag “Textbox” into the correct placement on the contract. In the right-hand menu, click the drop-down under “What text goes here?” and choose the matching field.

In situations where one of the signers will need to fill out fields beyond the Lead Detail page and/or Form, drag the text box into the appropriate field and change the assignment from “Sender” to the signer responsible for filling out the field (located in the upper right-hand corner).

Step 7. Finalize Your Digital Contract

Once each of the fields, date signed fields, and signatures have been applied to the Digital Contract, click “Send” in the upper right-hand corner. The Contract will be accessible through the Form tab of the mobile app Lead Detail page.

Pro Tip

Conditional Logic

If you need to either hide or show certain fields based on a checkbox, drop-down selection, or radio button, choose the needed field type and drag it into the document. The fields must be associated with text fields assigned to a signer (not the sender).

At the bottom of the right-hand menu, click “Create rule” under “Conditional logic.”

Choose the desired conditions and whether those conditions will trigger hiding or showing the fields in question. Select the fields needing to be shown or hidden. They will appear to have slanted lines throughout the text field or signature. Click “Done” in the upper right-hand corner.

Help Center Resource

If you’re interested in learning more about our integrations or SalesRabbit products, Schedule a demo to learn more about this feature. If you’re already a SalesRabbit user, login to our Help Center and get unlimited SalesRabbit resources.

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