Set Up DataGrid AI in 4 Easy Steps

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Configure DataGrid AI for your SalesRabbit account

This article covers how to configure your DataGrid AI settings and set the roles and permissions for DataGrid AI. These adjustments can be made by an Admin or Owner role.

Note: This feature is only available to companies that have added the DataGrid package to their billing plan. If you would like to add this to your plan, please contact our Support at (801) 418-9009. Custom lead fields are a feature that is available to Pro Accounts or higher. 

Note: DataGrid AI area scores are currently only available for iOS. Android support is coming soon.

Set Up Process

Step 1. Access DataGrid AI settings

In the WebApp, Click on “Settings” on the left-hand side. 

Then click on “Datagrid AI” This will open your DataGrid AI configuration options.

Step 2. Select your buyer score model

Select the data model that matches your industry.

Custom scores are for Enterprise accounts only.

(To see areas mapped without a buyer score, select “None.”)

Changes on this page will save automatically.

Step 3. Preserving the buyer score (Optional)

If you wish to preserve the DataGrid Buyer Scores after creating a lead from a DataGrid Pin, you can create a custom lead field that will preserve the Buyer Score.

To create a custom lead field, navigate to Settings > Custom Lead Fields.

Create a custom Lead Field by clicking on the “API” field type. Name the field “Buyer Score” or something similar that your users will recognize as the DataGrid AI Buyer Score.

Click “Publish” and then return to the DataGrid AI settings.

In the “Buyer Score Preservation” box, you can now select the custom API lead field that you created. 

Changes on this page will save automatically.

Note: If you are on a Team Account, you can preserve the buyer score manually by entering the score into the notes field on leads as you convert them.

Step 4. DataGrid AI permissions

Access your DataGrid AI roles and permissions by navigating to Settings > Roles & Permissions.

There are two permissions that can be toggled for DataGrid AI.

  • DataGrid Areas – This permission gives the ability to see Areas and Scores that are graded by DataGrid AI.
  • DataGrid Buyer Scores – This permission gives the ability to see DataGrid AI buyer Scores for individual homes.

The Owner and Admin roles will have both permissions enabled by default.

To adjust the DataGrid AI permissions for other roles, simply select the role, and toggle the permission on or off based on your needs for the other roles.

Want to Learn More About This Feature?

If you’re interested in trying DataGrid AI but still want more information, schedule a free demo with our talented team today to learn everything you need to know and upgrade your account to include this amazing feature.

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