How to Keep Data Usage Low in SalesRabbit

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How to save data in the SalesRabbit app

We want you to get the most out of our app. There are a lot of capabilities that come with the SalesRabbit app but there are ways to avoid overusing your data and making the process of using our app much easier and more efficient. You can still use our app without following these tips but this is a way to save your data and keep the app running effortlessly.

7 tips to help keep your data usage low:

  1. Avoid downloading video and photo content while on a mobile data connection, opting to do this when connected to Wi-Fi instead. Typically this would be sales materials or lead file attachments for example. 
  2. With sales materials, we provide a setting to control when the data is automatically downloaded and the default setting is to download only on Wi-Fi. Other settings options are allowed on any network (more data usage) or “off” (don’t download automatically, even on Wi-Fi). The “off” setting is useful if a user is connecting a Wi-Fi-only tablet to a mobile hotspot, to avoid using your mobile device’s data.
  3. Android has the ability to specify that a Wi-Fi connection is a “metered connection” which is useful to identify a Wi-Fi connection that is a mobile hotspot, to treat it similarly to a mobile data connection within apps.
  4. iOS also has a “low data mode” setting that is helpful when saving data.
  5. With lead file attachments, if you attach the file on the same device, it will be cached locally. Viewing the files isn’t problematic if they’re already cached or downloaded. But it will use data to upload attached files, so attach lead files, like videos and large photos, on a Wi-Fi network.
  6. If the file was attached by another user or on another device, the file has to be downloaded before viewing it. Avoiding downloading these attachments while on a mobile data connection, especially if they’re video or photo content, will save data. 
  7. Video content is the largest, where higher resolution and longer videos will be larger than shorter and lower quality videos. Lower quality, shorter videos would use less data if you do attach or download them on a mobile connection.

Keep Your App Up-to-date

If you already have the SalesRabbit app downloaded, make sure it’s always updated to ensure you’re getting the best results for your efforts. Check out our app on the iOS app store or Google Play Store. As always, chat with us anytime if you have questions about our app.

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