How to Edit & Customize Sales Lead Status Pins

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Quickly Create, Customize, and Delete Lead Pins Statuses in SalesRabbit

Accessing and organizing leads is a vital part of the sales process. In the SalesRabbit app we allow you to create, customize, and delete pins for individual leads so you never have to wonder about your areas or the areas of reps you manage. Everything you need to know about the status of that lead is found in these easily customizable pins. Find out the 3 ways to use our pins with this Help Center article.

3 Ways to Use Lead Status Pins

Access Lead Status Pins

Log in to and select “Settings” within the left hand menu.

Under the “Sales” section, click “Lead Statuses.”

Once you are on the “Lead Status Settings” page you will see a list of your current leads and their associated icons. 

#1 Create Lead Status

You can create a new lead by clicking on “New” in the upper right-hand corner. You will then be directed to a page where you will need to fill in a series of fields to create your new lead status.

  1. Name: The name that you want to give your lead status pin (e.g. “Doors Knocked,” “Renter,” or “Not Interested”). 
  2. Abbreviation: A shortened form of your lead status pin’s name (e.g. “DK,” “RNT,” or “NI”). 
  3. Status: You may set a lead status as “Active” or “Inactive.” An inactive lead status will still appear on the “Lead Status Settings” page but will not be available as a lead status pin in the app. 
  4. Type: You can select either “Normal” or “Custom Auto.” As of now, select “Normal.” 
  5. Color/Icons: You will also have the option to select a color and picture icon to further customize your pin. 

#2 Customize Lead Status

The first type of customization is altering your current leads. Our system will auto-generate some lead statuses for you which will appear on that Lead page. You can change them by clicking on one that you would like to change. After clicking, you will be brought to that status’ custom page. There you can change the “Name,” “Abbreviation,” “Color,” and “Icon.” Or, if you have a seasonal status that you don’t want to necessarily delete you can make it Inactive. There is also a custom color tab were you can make even more specific color combinations. 

Once you have made your changes, click “Save” in the upper right-hand corner. After saving, the new lead status or altered lead status will appear in the app.

#3 Deleting a Lead Status

In order to delete a lead status you must click on the lead status you would like to delete in the Lead Status Settings page. Then in the upper right-hand corner of the lead status profile you will see the “Delete” button next to “Save.” 

After clicking on that button, a box titled “Delete Lead Status” will appear. This box will allow you to change the existing leads, with the lead status that you are deleting, to a different existing lead status. Once you have selected the status you would like to change them to, click delete. After logging out and back in again (of the Web App) that lead status will be gone from your list and the leads that had that deleted status will be changed to the new status you selected.  

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