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How to Build Rapport with Customers

Posted by scott.porter | February 8, 2018

How to Quickly Build Rapport with Your Customers

Think of your customer as your partner. You both want to produce a mutually beneficial transaction, but you need to work together to make it happen. The most effective sales professionals know how to build rapport with customers quickly, and the results are enviable. You can learn how to make those same connections too. Here are some useful door canvassing tips to get you started.

Understand and Recognize Rapport

Rapport describes a situation where two people share common interests, goals, and regard for one another. This bond of mutual trust encourages cooperation and facilitates positive social interactions.

Canvassing sales professionals need to work with their customers to succeed but establishing this bond can be tricky. People distrust those they meet initially, and most people especially distrust salespeople. It can take some time to build a business relationship, but there are some things you can do to speed the process along.

Start by Projecting Your Positive Vibes

Always make a good first impression. Your goal is to be as likable and welcoming as possible. Others often respond favorably to amiable characteristics.

Skilled salespeople cultivate a personal style that invites others to get close to them. Your dress, manner of speaking and conduct are all important. Project your charisma and invite your customers to get to know you better.

  • Smile – A smile signals goodwill and inoffensive intentions.
  • Relax your Posture – Assume an open, inviting stance and loosen your muscles.
  • Use Appropriate Eye Contact – Use direct eye contact about half the time but avoid staring.
  • Enthusiasm – Demonstrate your excitement for the product you’re selling.
  • Manners – Be friendly, courteous, and considerate.

Keep your introduction pleasant and non-threatening. It’s easy to offend someone you’ve just met by accident, and you may find that some are hostile to your approach regardless. Stay focused on meeting their needs no matter what happens. You have something important to show them, and you want to help them with a problem.

Try to Create a Positive Feedback Loop

After a customer responds to your initial approach, you need to keep them engaged. You have an opportunity to create a connection, but your communication style might sabotage your efforts. Learn how to send meaningful feedback to your customer.

  • Focus on what your customer tells you and ask as many questions as possible.
  • Repeat the customer’s concerns or comments to indicate you understand.
  • Offer helpful suggestions and compliments while keeping the focus on the customer’s needs.

Just about everyone loves to feel like they’ve been heard, and active listening techniques communicate to your customers that you value them. Spend most of a conversation quietly observing instead of pitching your product. Good listening skills build rapport because paying attention to another validates their need to feel important.

Align with Your Customer

A good dialogue is an opportunity to form a connection, but you need to create associations with positive feelings. Sometimes a subtle gesture is enough and other times it helps to reinforce the idea with a memorable event.

  • Match the body language and communication style of your customer.
  • Use similar terminology and expressions.
  • Share a story about a common experience or interest.
  • Give a personal testimonial about how the product you’re selling helped you.

Spend a little time engaged in small talk. Discuss the weather, sports teams, or current issues relevant to the community. Allow the customer to share thoughts and opinions.

Most people feel the most comfortable when speaking with someone who reminds them of themselves. If you’ve done your research, you should already know common concerns for residents in the area you are canvassing.

Close the Deal and Maintain the Relationship

Customers typically buy from someone they trust. As a salesperson, your rapport with your customers is critical to your success. If you’ve done the work, you also need to follow through to maintain the relationship in the long run. Faiingl to deliver on what you’ve promised can damage your connection with a buyer beyond repair.

SalesRabbit can help improve your canvassing strategy with advanced research tools. Our customer locator keeps you informed and allows you to work a neighborhood with the knowledge you need. Strike up a conversation and start building rapport with potential buyers right away. We also have tools to help you follow through with customers and improve your conversion rates. Request a demo and see for yourself.

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