Hit a Record Season? Top 5 Best Ways to Reward Sales Reps

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Sales is all about numbers, right? So when your reps have a killer sales month, day, or week how do you reward them for it? Or if they’re struggling with motivation, especially in the slower seasons, how do you boost morale? All sales managers should aim to have some kind of prize or incentive to help boost sales reps motivation on the phone or doors. If you’re not sure what your reps would like, check out 5 of the things we reward our people with.

Top 5 Best Rep Rewards

  1. Gift cards are always a safe bet
  2. A trophy that sits on the top reps desk each month
  3. Awesome tech goodies
  4. Cold hard cash
  5. Group reward: reps pick the activity

#1 Gift cards are always a safe bet

Gift cards are a great way to reward reps because you give them the freedom to decide what they want to use their reward on. At SalesRabbit we use Motivosity, which can be redeemed for dozens of different gift cards like: a Visa, Amazon, Target, Texas Roadhouse, etc. Anyone loves getting gift cards because then they can take their friends, family, or even coworkers to celebrate their success.

#2 A trophy that sits on the top reps desk each month

We all know reps love competition. It’s in their nature. And there’s nothing quite like having a trophy on your desk that gives you endless bragging rights against your coworkers. This can be any trophy that your team would like to display proudly when they’re the “Rep of the Month.” 

On our team we do the “Golden Carrot Award” and the employee gets a giant bunny statue to put on their desk. Although this isn’t a monetary prize, this is still a fun and playful way to play on your reps competitive nature.

#3 Awesome tech goodies

Tech! Tech! Tech! There is no one that doesn’t love getting a free tech gift. This can range from things like:

  • Noise-canceling headphones: New headphones are a great way to reward your salespeople but also make it easier for them to focus on their work.
  • A new laptop: Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, getting a new laptop is the ultimate reward for having a great sales month.
  • A redeemable cash voucher: Apple and other tech companies have gift cards or cash vouchers that you can redeem for the tech of your choice. Again, gift cards are a great way to give your reps the ability to choose what prize they want.
  • An iPad/Tablet: Reps use tablets on a daily basis but that’s with the company. If they have a killer sales month, they should get to have an iPad or tablet that’s just for personal use at home.

The nice thing about a tech reward is that you can choose the best budget based on your company, but no matter the price, reps feel spoiled and happy with their new gift.

#4 Cold hard cash

This reward is simple and straightforward. Offer your reps an incentive “The first rep to reach 25 sales this month [numbers obviously fluctuate based on your size], gets a $100 bill.” Or you can add money onto their next paycheck, Motivosity account, or the best option: a physical bill. When you pose a competition this way and the reps can see the tangible prize in front of them, it’s even more exciting. 

And if you haven’t seen the Office, go watch it for inspiration on your next sales competition.



#5 Group reward: reps pick the activity

Our personal favorite for rewards (yes, we saved the best for last) is group activities. When your whole team is out-performing your benchmarks and overall just performing like a well-oiled machine, you have to reward the entire bunch. All of the rewards above work great for groups as well, but at SalesRabbit we love doing activities together outside of work because it strengthens the bonds of your team. Here are some fun and simple activities you can set up for your all-star group:

  • TopGolf
  • Bowling
  • Laser tag
  • A nice dinner
  • A pickleball day

This isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach because not every team likes pickleball like we do. Here’s the fix: have your team vote on what activity they think would be fun and do whatever gets the most votes! This is a simple and fair way to make sure your reps actually enjoy the activity instead of feeling like this…


What Reward Will You Use?

Hopefully this has given you more than enough reward ideas for your next sales competition, morale booster, or even a holiday gift. Rewarding your team with fun incentives like this is a great way to help them feel valued and continue to push them to do their best work for you, the company, and themselves.</span

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