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Get Ahead in Sales with DGAI On Demand: Boost Your Sales Game

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Even with modern tools, it can be tough to find qualified leads and manage sales territories effectively. Luckily, SalesRabbit has got your back with an awesome new feature: DataGrid AI On Demand (DGAI On Demand). This incredible tool makes reps’ sales lives easier.

What is DataGrid AI On Demand?

DataGrid AI On Demand is a feature on the SalesRabbit platform that makes canvassing in real-time extremely fast, easy, and intuitive for any field sales team. D2D reps can use DGAI On Demand to view updated buyer scores within a 300-meter radius of their location while they are actively canvassing. As the rep moves around their sales territory, the radius updates and shows the nearest buyer scores—constantly changing as the rep travels for unparalleled access to data.

4 Reasons to Use DGAI On Demand

1. Instant Buyer Scoring

With DGAI On Demand, you can instantly see nearby buyer scores right on your SalesRabbit mobile app. Imagine, within 300 meters you can check out the scores of potential buyers pinned to each house. This allows you to quickly figure out in real-time which leads are worth your attention. No more wasting time on leads that won’t go anywhere! Spend more time selling and less time fiddling with software or chasing dead-end leads.

2. Smarter Territory Management

Managing your sales territory is a big deal, and DGAI On Demand can help you do it like a pro. By using the buyer scoring feature, you can easily identify areas with lots of qualified leads. This means you can plan your sales activities more strategically and target specific neighborhoods where you’re more likely to find success. Then, you can execute your plan with ease by seeing buyer scores continuously populate around you. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. 

3. Sales Team Control 

We know that every company has different needs and preferences. That’s why DGAI On Demand gives you more control over who can access this feature. If you’re a manager or an admin, you can enable or disable DGAI On Demand for specific roles in your team. It’s as easy as flipping a switch in the Settings > Users > Roles & Permissions section.

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4. Stay Ahead of the Competition

In the competitive world of sales, having an edge is crucial. DGAI On Demand gives you that edge by providing real-time information and valuable insights. With instant access to buyer scores, you can engage with prospects more effectively. Stay ahead of the competition and become a sales superstar!

See it in Action! 

Want to see DGAI On Demand in action? We’ve got you covered! 👇

How to Use DGAI On Demand?

  1. Open your SalesRabbit app: Launch the SalesRabbit app on your mobile device and log in to your account. Make sure you have the DGAI On Demand enabled for your role (check with your manager or admin if you’re not sure). 
  2. Navigate to your sales territory: Use the app’s map feature to find your current sales territory. You’ll see a map with all the houses in your area. 
  3. Check out the buyer scores: As you move, you’ll notice buyer scores appearing as pins on each house. These scores indicate the potential value of each lead. Green pins indicate high-value leads while red pins represent lower-value leads.
  4. Prioritize your efforts: With the buyer scores right in front of you, you can now prioritize your sales activities more effectively. Focus on houses with higher scores, as they’re more likely to convert into sales. Say bye to wasted time on unqualified leads. 
  5. Engage with confidence: Armed with valuable insights from DGAI On Demand, you can approach each prospect with confidence. Tailor your sales pitch based on their potential value, increasing your chances of closing deals and exceeding your targets.

Remember, DGAI On Demand is all about making your sales life easier and more productive. So don’t hesitate to explore this powerful feature and unleash your sales potential.

Start Using DGAI On Demand

DGAI On Demand is not just another fancy feature—it’s a game-changer for sales reps and managers. With instant buyer scoring, improved territory management, user control, seamless integration, and a competitive edge, this feature empowers you to achieve sales success like never before. So go ahead, dive into SalesRabbit’s DGAI On Demand and watch your sales soar to new heights.

Not Already Using SalesRabbit?

If you’re working in outside sales and need lead management software built for field sales, then check out the SalesRabbit platform. Being an amazing lead management solution is just a small piece of what makes it so great.

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